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Scenestealer: Is 'CZ12' Jackie Chan’s last movie?

By Debbie NgMovies - 25 March 2013 3:08 PM | Updated 3:14 PM

Scenestealer: Is 'CZ12' Jackie Chan’s last movie?

In your home DVD collection, you will, inevitably, possess a Kung Fu flick or two. If you like yourself a good Kung Fu DVD, this might be the one to get. 'CZ12' (十二生肖) is an action blockbuster that Jackie Chan himself starred, co-produced, wrote and directed in.

In case you weren’t quick enough to catch it in cinemas, 'CZ12' is about the search for six of 12 bronze sculptures representing the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The two hour movie spans across five continents, as Chan tries to retrieve the sculptures while, as always, meeting resistance along the way.

Before you brush this off as “just another Jackie Chan movie”, you should know this – this might be the last movie Jackie that does his own stunts in. The 58-year-old is thinking of using stunt doubles for his future movies. The man needs a break, after all, seeing as he holds the Guinness World record for “Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor”.

Fresh off the screens, 'CZ12' was released as a DVD two weeks ago, on 7 March. Distributed by local home video distributor, InnoForm Media Pte Ltd (InnoForm Media), it has become Jackie Chan’s all-time best-selling movie in Singapore, with a current combined box office gross of over US$ 174 million in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, HK & Macau, Middle East, India and even Russia.

Catering to our inner Singaporean nature, InnoForm Media has packed in some free goodies for every original 'CZ12' DVD bought. Each DVD ($14.95) will come with a copy of Fengshui Consultant Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong’s 2013 Chinese Zodiac Forecast (十二生肖蛇年运程) DVD and Handbook worth more than $15.00; as well as a mystery gift worth $900.

In addition, InnerForm Media is launching a campaign called “Growing Jackpot”, where a lucky draw will be conducted. Interestingly, the more people participate, the higher the grand prize money to be won.

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