James Blunt Returns with a New Sound

By Wang DexianEvents - 18 July 2011 3:07 PM | Updated 08 August 2011

James Blunt Returns with a New Sound

Remember 2005, when some nasal voice singer started singing about a chick on a train and won the hearts of your female friends, to your annoyance? Well yes, the acoustic folk tinged James Blunt is back. Known for his hits “You’re Beautiful”, “Goodbye My Lover” and “1973”, the singer released his third album “Some Kind of Trouble” back in November last year and has been touring behind it ever since.

Featuring an energetic sound, the new album features a strong focus on the electric guitar as well as collaborations with other musicians, giving James a chance to shed his melancholic image built up over his previous efforts. Despite his sensitive SNAG image, he has also been known to deliver upbeat live performances that keep fans on their feet until the lights go out. So, join James Blunt for a mix of the introspective and rocking night of music at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

James Blunt “Live” is happening on Aug 11. Tickets $80-145 are on sale at Sistic.