(Jason) Mraz is a four letter word

By Elynur SaadEvents - 29 June 2012 7:18 PM | Updated 02 July 2012

(Jason) Mraz is a four letter word

Photo / Zaki Jufri

Known for his witty banter and happy melodies, Grammy Award-winning Jason Mraz is back in town for the fourth time.

Mraz, commonly known as Mr A-Z is here as part of his ‘Tour is a Four Letter Word’ world tour and the Lion City is his last stop in the Asian leg. Mraz is also here as the headlining act of the official opening of Gardens by the Bay. His concert will kick-off the celebration on 29 June.

And if you’re wondering what’s up with his new look, will satisfy your burning query. And no, it’s not due to the new farming lifestyle he has picked up.

Mraz explains his new unshaven-hippie-look with a story:

“I saw a really cool picture the other day, it was of someone’s bathroom and they had removed the mirror from above their sink so there was no medicine cabinet, there was no mirror in the bathroom and in place of the mirror, it said ‘You look fine’. And I loved that. It’s the act of not obsessing over what you’re looking like and just go about your day.

Corrinne May, Jason Mraz and Simon Nasser, Marketing Director of Warner Music Singapore,

The singer and Corrinne May with Simon Nasser, Marketing Director of Warner Music Singapore. Photo / Zaki Jufri

“And honestly I feel more complete, whole and excited about my life now than I ever have and that’s probably why my outside appearance has started to change a bit. It’s not final, I’m sure I’m going to shave when I get home and after next year I’ll cut my hair or something, and then people will say ‘What happened to your long hair?’ It’s none of my business what others think of me, that’s my new motto because I feel great about where I am in my life.”

Aside from his new look, Mraz also talks about his music and why he is different from artistes these days. The 35-year-old explained that he always tries to make sure there is a sense of truth or vulnerability exposed in his songs as he says that’s when people will see their own lives in his music.

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“I do my best to not be boring and to not just deliver some familiar, simple, predictable message,” said the singer who recently bought an Avocado farm back home.

At the media conference earlier today, he was more than happy to share his experience on caring for the climate and on being an eco-warrior.

“I love nature and solitude,” he exclaimed. He also touched on the topic of his new-found love for farming. “My carbon footprint is probably bigger than anyone else here in the room so I feel that I have a responsibility.”

Mraz mentioned that one not only has to be aware of what is happening at home but around the world as well. He even referred to the haze in which Singapore is affected by the Sumatran fires as an example.

“I try not to preach with my music but I hope to empower people through my music.”

Jason Mraz performs at Rhythm with Nature on 29 June at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay.