Jay Chou makes a date in Singapore this June

By Irene LeeEvents - 21 January 2013 11:04 AM | Updated 18 February 2013

Jay Chou makes a date in Singapore this June

Embrace yourself, fans of Jay Chou, as the Taiwanese pop icon is making an appearance in Singapore this coming June. This year, Chou is embarking on a world tour following his album, ‘Opus 12’ – symbolizing his twelfth Mandarin studio album.

Chou’s worked a long way since his debut in 2000 with his first album, ‘Jay’. The 34-year-old singer has once been criticized for slurring and mumbling, but today it’s become his trademark voice that has serenaded many of his diehard fans. Known to experiment by fusing Chinese and Western music styles, as well as traditional and modern genres, the singer – who composes all his song – is gifted in playing an assortment of instruments, which ranges from guitar and piano, all the way to harmonica, the violin and cello.  

‘A Larger Cello’ – Jay Chou

Some has hailed Jay as the King of Mandopop, while others call him the King of R&B, and so far he has lived up to his name with a proven track-record of chart-topping hits like that of ‘Silence’, ‘East-Wind Breaks’, and ‘Hair like snow’, all of which showcase his passion of producing delicately spun-out poetic ballads. In the R&B section, ‘Fearless’ left a strong impression of his talent as he skillfully incorporated a traditional Chinese concept with an upbeat R&B feel. As for his new material, like most of his albums, it is bequeathed with a mixture of ballad and pop to R&B elements – so no major change there. 

However, what fans should be excited for is Jay's physical transition that has hyped the media. Expect to see the singer’s body of what can only be deemed as a killer physique – jaw dropping chocolate bar like abs, toned muscular biceps, you name it. Think of it as an added bonus for concertgoers, so no complaints there.

In any case, be prepared to buy tickets if you’re interested. It is a well-known fact that Chou’s concert will sell out in a couple of hours, like his 2010, “The Era World Tour” in Singapore. Chou will kick off 2013’s tour at Beijing and Shanghai this May, followed by Singapore on 7 and 8 June 2013 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Opus Jay 2013 World Tour | 7-8 Jun | Singapore Indoor Stadium | Tickets $108-238