K-Pop prince RAIN is back!

By Zaki JufriEvents - 06 April 2011 3:35 PM | Updated 07 April 2011

K-Pop prince RAIN is back!

From just a backup dancer to being a global superstar that gets fans screaming by just the mere mention of his name. Yes, K-Pop star Rain will be heading to Singapore this May 22 for a one-night only concert that’s part of his Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour.

Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon), who is also known in Korea as Bi, has had a meteoric rise to fame since he first burst into the music scene in 2002 with a self-titled debut album. Dubbed "the Asian Usher", the charismatic singer is known for his dance moves as well as his smooth vocals.  He has acted in various Korean television dramas, the most successful being Full House which catapulted him to mega-star status particularly in this region.

He was also voted into the top spot of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People in 2007. There’s talk that the star might be enlisting into South Korea’s military service later this year so this might just be your last chance to see him perform here.

Venue and ticketing details are still unconfirmed yet but if you remember the 2007 gig’s sky-high ticket prices (highest tier at $888), we suggest you start saving those pennies today!

Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour is on May 22.

Here's a clip from Rain's recent concert in Seoul:



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