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Kiddie Movie Invasion Part 1

By Wang DexianMovies - 29 June 2011 1:50 PM | Updated 2:19 PM

Kiddie Movie Invasion Part 1

It’s clear that Singaporeans love their animated movies and cartoons. How do we know? Other than the massive crowds that often occur early into an animated feature’s release, it’s also the fact that animated features often appear in our higher box officer earners. Kung Fu Panda 2 just became the best-selling film so far this year, and clinching the number 2 spot on the all-time box office movie sales chart.   

Luckily for everyone, there are still many more of such films for the people who just can’t get enough of them. And by many more we mean ten. For the grown-ups, it’s like travelling back in time, watching Smurfs and Winnie, Piglet and Christopher Robin on the clunky CRT TV. For the kiddos… well, they get to be amused for at least two hours while their parents take a breather.

Winnie the Pooh

One of the venerable and less zany standards of the animation genre, Winnie the Pooh returns to the big screen. Based on three classic stories by A. A. Milne, this definitely isn’t some “reinvention” of the franchise type movie. This is simple, classic Pooh bear. Not convinced? Just watch the trailer. It’s so… serene.

Cars 2

The original Cars developed a somewhat unsavoury reputation along the years as a bad film. Well, that rep is much undeserved as it was actually a pretty good film with a lot of heart and great references to both modern and classic American culture. The basis for much of this is that Cars has the worst Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic scores for Pixar films and even then… they’re in the region of 75/100 which is actually really good for most movies . I’m sure being the film released after the… well, incredible The Incredibles didn’t help much. But this shouldn’t detract from Cars 2. Here’s hoping the addition of a spy plotand all the imagination from the first one makes this an even better effort.

The Smurfs

Unlike the Pooh bear movies, The Smurfs opts for a more radical approach. After getting chased out of the forest by evil wizard Gargamel and straight into New York City, The Smurfs are adopted by a married couple played by Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays! One wonders how they would be able to make it back to the magical forest…

Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World

This isn’t a cartoon or an animated feature per se, but it’s still a kids’ favourite. The original spy kids are gone, all grown up and teenagers now. They do make cameos, as full-fledged spies assisting the new spy kids who get dragged into the biz by their stepmother. Sounds familiar… the gadgets, action and a talking dog should do more than enough to entertain a young child. And Jessica Alba as a spy and step mother could be the best kind of role for her… the less drama and emotion she needs to express, the better!

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we preview even more movies that will entertain your kids and maybe even yourself!