Kumar’s new comedy show finds out “What Makes a Man a Man?”

By Cherylene ChanEvents - 25 March 2013 3:38 PM | Updated 27 March 2013

Kumar’s new comedy show finds out “What Makes a Man a Man?”

Kumar will be putting all things macho to the test in his new M18-rated comedy show ‘What Makes a Man a Man?’. While he’ll still be the main man (in drag) this time, eight buff dancers will be joining him for a few rugged and slightly raunchy routines –  think a boxing-inspired showdown set to a mash-up of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and the Rocky theme song.

“They (the dancers) do the real technical stuff. I’m dancing with heels so the choreography is a bit adjusted,” says Kumar.

Like previous years, Kumar will be poking fun of an area he knows inside out. “The last one was about being indian, before that was about being a queen… this time it covers everything about being a man because it’s the best thing I can talk about. I can talk about both sides, how it was for me as a person to get where I am now, and the challenges a man goes through” he said.

One of the challenges unique to this show was getting the men involved on the same page – it’s directed by theatre veteran George Chan and written by famous Singaporean blogger Benjamin ‘Mr Miyagi’ Lee.

“We’re not having clashes, but we’re having more discussion this time. With last year’s show, they’d just take my word because I’m Indian,” Kumar said. “This time everyone has a different view on what a man should be, so we’re trying to merge them together.”

Lee has written all of Kumar’s seasonal shows and it’s a partnership that works. “I’ll do the real life observations because Ben’s working, and he does a lot of internet research,” says Kumar.

“A writer needs to understand an actor and Ben does totally. He spends a lot of time with so he can write like it’s me talking.”

In true Kumar fashion, the show will have a deeper message behind the wisecracks about how men dress, walk and talk. “At the end there’s a tearjerker – if you have the right heart,” he hinted.

It’s also about making away with old fashioned labels. “What makes a man nowadays is questionable,” says Kumar. There’s still the macho, scruffy guys but there are also pretty boys everywhere now, and androgyny is a major part in everybody’s life. Stop having this vision that a man has to dress a certain way, or a woman has to wear dresses. I think as long as you like the person as the person, you should go for it.”

27-31 Mar, Wed-Fri 8pm, Sat 4pm & 8pm, Sun 2pm & 6pm | Venue: Esplanade Theatre | Tel: 6347 5555 | Tickets available at Sistic now