Lady Gaga Promises to Return Next Year!

By EditorEvents - 07 July 2011 5:07 PM | Updated 10:51 AM

Lady Gaga Promises to Return Next Year!


Disappointed fans, who did not manage to obtain tickets to Lady Gaga’s exclusive showcase, fret not. At the press conference prior to her exclusive showcase in celebration of Singtel AMPed’s second anniversary and the launch of AMPed 2.0, Lady Gaga promised to be back next year as part of her World Tour. AMPed 2.0 is a powerful new version of SingTel’s award winning music service.

After a long wait (more than an hour and a half after the scheduled start time of 1PM), the diva arrived to great fanfare with a top heavy conical teal coloured hairstyle that was eerily reminiscent of Marge Simpson and easily coaxed a crowd made up of reporters and corporate partners alike to their feet.

After proclaiming Singapore as one of her favourite cities, she was then presented with two awards; the first for 1.5 million all-time digital album and CD sales for her three albums and for being the most downloaded artist on AMPed.

Besides declaring her intentions for her upcoming world tour in the Q & A session, she also revealed that the stage for the exclusive showcase would be unique and comprise of neither the previous Monster Ball tour nor the upcoming Born This Way Ball tour.

Here's what happened at the press conference:

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A slightly awkward moment occurred when a reporter tried to ask and even attempted to show Mother Monster the controversial “NDP Fun Pack” song. Thankfully for us (and our country’s reputation), host Kui Jien stepped in and prevented that from happening.

(See More Pictures of the Press Conference Here)

Lady Gaga herself then expounded on her love for Asian fashion and also talked about how the video for Edge of Glory came about.

“I was living in this tiny apartment in New York City. I would wear all my clothes, play music by David Bowie, Blondie, Madonna and The Rolling Stones and just dance on the fire escape. That's where the inspiration of the video came fro," says the singer.

"It's also a song about being on the other side of life and also about how far you've come," she adds.

Lady Gaga also paid compliments to Clarence Clemons, who passed away recently. The famed saxophonist from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band had played and appeared on both the song and video before passing away.

To view the entire Q & A session of the press conference, click here.