Land of pandas and spice

By inSing EditorEvents - 22 January 2014 2:38 PM | Updated 3:54 PM

Land of pandas and spice


Whizzing into Chengdu in China by night, you face a memorable sight. Its highways and byways are illuminated by neon lights, which form a kaleidoscope of colours, guiding the driver along expressways that stretch on for hours through greater Chengdu.

The first language of Chengdu’s street signs is Chinese, while English takes a second priority. However, riding through the ancient Sichuan capital is hassle-free when aided by Google translate phone maps and travellers’ online guides.

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Chengdu’s tranquil roads bypass an assortment of architectural projects. From avant-garde to pure quirky, handsome condominiums and imposing new malls dot its surrounding counties that span a 40km radius.

Chengdu is jostling to establish itself as the leading fashion capital of the region. Fashion shows and gala nights with celebrities in the spotlight are common, and numerous malls tout the latest products from big-name designer labels.

The theme of Chengdu cuisine is spice – one that occasionally numbs your tongue and gums. Still, they are a pleasure to savour during the colder months as cooks in Sichuan tend to favour oily curries over gravy curries.

If you love China's giant pandas and have difficulty finding the Chengdu Research Base of Gaint Panda Breeding in the northeast of greater Chengdu, here is another reason to tap on the DataRoam Saver, where you may nail down the location of the facility. These mammals are always adorable to spectators, and it is hard to find someone who would not smile when looking at newborn pandas. Visitors may get up close to them for a few thousand renminbi. Snap a close-up shot (but be considerate, no flash, please!) and share with your friends online instantly.

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