Laneway Interviews: Twin Shadow – A man of wise words

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 08 February 2012 11:21 AM | Updated 3:52 PM

Laneway Interviews: Twin Shadow – A man of wise words

George Lewis Jr. better known by his stage name Twin Shadow, will be in town for Laneway Festival happening on 12 February.

Embarking on his music career at just 14, Twin Shadow has graced the title of ‘Band of the Week’ in Rolling Stone magazine. He got bitten by the music bug at the tender age of 7 when a family friend who was a musician took him to a recording studio, where he recorded Lewis Jr. and his sisters. "Hearing my voice for the first time was shocking and strange, I just wanted to continue to explore it," he says.

The new wave artist has also supported Florence and the Machine at some performances during their 2011 U.S Tour.

With his album "Forget" released in 2010 and an upcoming album in the making, you can expect 90s cult classics-inspired music videos.

We caught up with Twin Shadow and got to know how he got his unique name – by looking at motorcycle images.

We also got to find out how his poem-generating mind works and that his greatest pet peeve is the UGG boots, one that never made it as a fashion icon.

For budding or aspiring artists, here’s Twin Shadow’s message to you: ‘Push Hard’.

Read the interview here:

The lyrics of your songs are beautiful, how does that poetic mind of yours work? What inspires you to write?

Thank you, I take great pride in my words on record, normal life can be crude and ugly, taking time to write poetry and song is taking time to recognize the things that are beautiful... sad or happy.

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What is the album "Forget" inspired by? Is it something you don't remember or do not want to remember?

It’s about all the things I can’t remember and all the things I’d like to forget.

What’s the favourite song that you’ve ever written?


What's the upcoming album going to be about?

All aspects of my current life.

Are fans going to hear a similar type of sound as 'Forget' or are they going to be expecting a whole new kind of tune?

It will be similar but bigger sounding.

Why is the music video "Slow" classified as NSFW?

It was more of a joke, its pretty pg-13.

Do you have fans going “OMG IT’S TWIN SHADOW!” while you’re out in public minding your own business? Does it freak you out sometimes?

I do, I’m just starting to get used to it.

How do you feel being part of Laneway Festival & any expectations for the crowd in Singapore and Asia?

I’m happy to be here, I want the crowd to go CRAZY.

Check out Twin Shadow at Laneway Festival Singapore this February 12 at Fort Canning Park.