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Let’s go to the Zoo!

By EditorEvents - 26 November 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 9:59 AM

Let’s go to the Zoo!

It's time to say Zoo-hoo! Let’s Play Work!

Sign up for Zoo Hoo and get hands-on experience playing the role of six interesting jobs at the zoo. These games will showcase a sneak into what some of our professionals do at the zoo. Children will play out these games that simulate a real-life scenario at the zoo.

Don’t miss out on the fun of being a vet, wildlife photographer, show presenter, zookeeper, conservationist and horticulturist all in a day.

Finish all six activities and the kids get a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and a Zoo Hoo puzzle cube! Also, the first 100 who finish each day also win a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Now that’s a cool way to end the day.


 Be a Wildlife Photographer

A Wildlife Photographer must know it all! Get smart as kids attempt to match the baby animals to their parent on a Giant Camera.

Where: The Rainforest Walk (near the Proboscis Monkey exhibit)

Be a Vet

Kids can show the greatest empathy for animals, so if it’s something you want to nurture, then take them over to the Vet area where they’ll be able to help the zoo veterinarian in boosting the health of a Malayan Tapir by recommending the right treatment.

Where: Boat Dock 1

Be a Zookeeper

Interacting with the animals is one of the joys of working as a zookeeper, and kids just love to play! At the zookeeper’s station, they can help zookeeper by feeding the animals and doing some animal enrichment with a sea lion.

Where: Garden with a View

Be a Conservationist

There are plenty of animals out there that need our help, and here’s where your kids can learn the importance of conserving the endangered species. Protect animals by locating the traps set up by ‘poachers’. This is a station that even the parents can join in by face-painting, after all, everyone needs to be camouflaged in order to get those pesky poachers.

Where: Garden Pavillion

Be a Horticulturist

Zoos aren’t just about the animals – flora plays a pretty big part in the animal kingdom. Let your kids nurture their green thumbs as they learn about the role of pollination in nature.

Where: Orchid Garden (sheltered area near Tram Station 2)

Be a Show Presenter

There’s no business like show business! But that doesn’t mean you need to travel all the way to Hollywood to shine on stage. Learn tips from the zoo’s show presenters about working with animals and training the stars!

Where: Rainforest Kidzworld


Register at the Rainforest Walk, near the Bird Photography area, and your kids will be given a game book before they get started.


Zoo-Hoo days are Nov 27 and 28, Dec 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19 from 10am to 4pm.


Usual admission fees apply but activities are all free.

All the games are not played with real animals except for the Show Presenter game where it will feature a show and tell by our presenters with real animals.At any time, participants will not handle the animal without the approval of the professional show presenter.