Let’s Hear It for Il Volo!

By Zaki JufriEvents - 22 July 2011 9:54 AM | Updated 10:03 AM

Let’s Hear It for Il Volo!

They’re the next big thing: More popular than the most sumptuous Neapolitan pizza in Italy, and fresher than an ice-cold Peroni. They’ve even been dubbed ‘The Jonas Brothers meets The Three Tenors’. Il Volo, three-fresh faced teenagers who first appeared on a popular Italian talent show, have been dazzling audiences with their dazzling renditions of Italian classics and sweet vocals. They will be swinging by town for their very first showcase on Jul 25. The trio will also be performing at this year’s President’s Star Charity on Jul 31.

Il Volo, which means the flight in Italian is made up of Gianluca Ginoble, 16, from Teramo; Ignazio Boschetto, also 16, from Sicily; and Piero Barone who recently turned 18 from Bologna.

Produced by the legendary Humberto Gatica (Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli) and the world renowned Italian singer/producer Tony Renis, their self-titled debut album has already been certified platinum in Italy.

The album is a mix of new works, “E’ La Mia Vita” and “This Time”. There are Italian favorites, “Il Mondo” and “Un Amore Cosi’ Grande” and its breakthrough song, “O Sole Mio”. You can find hints of Josh Groban throughout this album. Il Volo also sings Groban’s own composition “Per Te” here.

To catch them live in Singapore, simply purchase a copy of IL VOLO’s self titled album at That CD Shop!