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Live the beach life: Aquabumps exhibition

By Zaki JufriEvents - 16 March 2012 11:47 AM | Updated 1:43 PM

Live the beach life: Aquabumps exhibition

Above: Lone Swimmer Photo: Eugene Tan / Lo & Behold

It’s almost surreal yet calming at the same time: An image of a lone swimmer, wading to nowhere amid the cool azure waters of North Bondi beach.

Another image looks almost toy-like, one of hundreds of beachlovers (all tiny) basking on the sands of Bondi Beach.

These and more are the works of photographer Eugene Tan and his specialty is, yes you guessed it, the beach.

The Bondi Beach-based photographer is showing a select collection of his works at the Tanjong Beach Club (but of course) from March 17-April 29.

"It all started by living on the beach, loving the beach, and just documenting my life on the beach.  I was (and still am) a surfer and spent my whole life around the beach. I love the water so it’s a natural progression for me to take photos of it,” says Tan speaking to at a media preview.

Tan’s photography website and personal blog Aquabumps' began in 1999 when the former advertising creative director started emailing shots of Bondi life to his friends. What started as a small group email has morphed into a 40,000-strong subscription list. The website and his photos have even attracted high-profile sponsors including Land Rover, Canon and Telstra.

Above: The Beach Inspector Photo: Eugene Tan / Lo & Behold

Shot from in and out of the water, on cliff tops and underwater, his pictures offer a different perspective on beach life.

“To me, the beach life represents a positive way of living. The beach where I live (Bondi Beach) is like an Italian piazza. People go there to meet friends; you let your children run around, and I surf and work there,” Tan explains.

His images of rolling waves (mostly shot in the waves’ ‘barrel’) and his aerial shots of beaches’ shorelines are so jaw-dropping that it makes you wonder how he achieved it. “I shoot from helicopters, I swim with cameras. I basically do everything I can just to get the perfect shot. I don’t fuss over shots too much. I like to keep it going and spontaneous,” explains Tan about the way he work.

In August last year, Aquabumps launched a collaboration with swimsuit company Speedo where Tan’s inspiring beach scenes are featured on Speedo's latest range of swimsuits and board shorts.

Catch the works of Eugene Tan at the Aquabumps: An Exhibition of Beach Photography at Tanjong Beach Club.