Living the dream with Guinness Live

By Zaki JufriEvents - 20 October 2011 3:29 PM | Updated 4:51 PM

Living the dream with Guinness Live

What’s the best way to groom promising music talent?

Throw them together in a room with some of Singapore’s music industry veterans as mentors, who will teach them the finer points of musical showmanship and about the music business, and then put them on stage where all the magic happens.

That’s exactly what 12 aspiring musicians will be doing as part of Guinness Live. In support of the local live music scene, Guinness is staging Guinness Live from November 1-March 1 2012 where the 12 will battle it out through a series of 54 live shows held in Dragonfly, Firefly and Shanghai Dolly, all part of the St James Power Station group.

They will also be mentored by seasoned Mandopop musicians and performers such as William Scorpion from Shanghai Dolly, Jason Chung from Dragonfly and Fatt Zhai from Firefly.

“Guinness Live is just what the music industry needs; a good platform to let aspiring performers know what it feels like to be a professional musician,” says Eric Ng, producer and founder of local music and talent company Funkie Munkies.

Guinness Live-Team Shanghai Dolly

Team Shanghai Dolly: (left to right) Aydan Ang, Regine Han, William Scorpion (mentor), Benita Cheng, Jeremy Khoo

“This is the type of break every young singer needs to pursue a career in the music industry,” Ng explains.

“We (St James Power Station) have been in the local Mandopop scene for the last five years and I believe it is really important for us to invest in local talent,” says Andrew Ing, chief operating officer of St James Holdings.

“I believe that Guinness is the first brand to really invest in local talent with this platform,” Ing adds.

The 12 participants are divided into three teams and they will be performing every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10pm at Shanghai Dolly, Dragonfly and Firefly respectively. The participants come from a diverse music background. There’s a student, a former gym instructor, a lawyer, an online singer-songwriter and even a wedding singer.

Team Dragonfly

Team Dragonfly: (left to right) Goh Yong Wei, Phoebee Ong, Jason Chung (mentor), Kenny Khoo, Alvin Ng

To up the stakes and make the contest more exciting, members of another team can challenge a team from another club to a stage battle called a Player-Killer Shootout. 20 Chinese classics have been readapted by Ng for this special segment.

According to Ng, the best way to judge a performer’s performance is through its audience and for Guinness Live, the fans are the judges. 70 per cent will be determined by the audience’s reaction and 30 per cent by guests at the 3 special VIP tables. In addition to that, the team with the highest number of votes wins. You can cast your vote at Winning performances at the club each night will be awarded 100 bonus Facebook votes. Every week one lucky voter will win an exclusive ‘Guinness Live’ St James membership card.

Team Firefly

Team Firefly: (left to right) Willis Loye, Alfred Sim, Fatt Zhai (mentor), Yee Si Ling, Howie Yeo

After 54 weeks of intense competition, the winning team will be cutting a brand new single written and produced by Ng and Xiao Han, resident lyricist at Funkie Monkies. Guinness will also be putting the winners up on stage on March 17, 2012 together with an international act. The winners will be offered the chance of becoming a regular guest performer with William Scorpion on stage.

Guinness Live happens from Nov 1-Mar 1 (every Tue, Wed and Thu, 10pm) at Dragonfly, Firefly and Shanghai Dolly.