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Luminance! 2012 lights up Orchard Road

By Elynur SaadEvents - 27 June 2012 8:30 AM | Updated 10:46 AM

Luminance! 2012 lights up Orchard Road

'Playscape' by Luther Chan. Photo / Luminance! Festival 2012

No dream is too big to achieve if you believe in it.

‘Dreams and Aspirations’ is the theme at Luminance! 2012 – Singapore’s first light art festival for youths.

The festival will be commemorated yearly to develop aspiring artists and encourage their creativity. This visionary programme also works as a platform for local artists to express their social views through the medium of light art.

In partnership with *SCAPE and the National Youth Council (NYC), Luminance! takes place at *SCAPE this year and is also a pre-event jump start for SHINE Youth Festival 2012.

For 9 days, beginning 23 June, *SCAPE visitors can expect a rousing display of 27 brightly lighted artworks all around the youth park.

This year, participating artists include renowned sculptors Sun Yu-Li and Tan Sock Fong, 40 fresh local youth artists, two underprivileged communities and three experienced youth artists from a well-known light art festival, Fete Des Lumiere in France.

One of Luminance!’s directors, Allan Lim said he is “elated to receive so many submissions for a first year festival, and even more proud to see young adults holding such strong convictions about their dreams and aspirations.”

Many of the environmentally friendly artworks featured as part of Luminance! are made out of recycled materials.

For instance, the beautiful orchid installation made up of used milk cartons, and the a larger than life ‘Tron Cycle’ transformed from unwanted cardboard boxes are just some of the innovative pieces you might want to look out for when you’re there.

Some of the awesome artwork featured are not only pretty but are also interactive!

Check out the ‘Scream Capture’ located at *SCAPE’s level three. What’s cool about this installation is that you can enter the inverted cone-shaped contraption and scream to your heart’s content. In doing so, the ‘Scream Capture’ will light up and change colours according to your howls of frustration.

‘UP, and away!’ is another interactive feature at the festival. All you have to do is get on one of the four winged-bicycles on level four of *SCAPE and peddle as hard as you possibly can. The harder you peddle, the brighter the wings on the back of the bike will light up. It’s really quite enchanting at night!

Luminance!’s displays will light up from 7pm to 11pm nightly till 1 July. Admission is free for all.