Mark Webber says....

By EditorEvents - 17 September 2010 2:00 PM | Updated 29 September 2010

Mark Webber says....

Mark Webber, 34

Red Bull Racing


As one of the main title contenders for this year’s World Driver’s Championship, Mark Webber is only a few mere points behind Lewis Hamilton. In fact, he’s been having a stellar year with seven podium finishes and four wins.

Having moved up through the ranks from karting at the age of 14, through to Formula Ford in Australia and Europe, and then going on to Formula Three and GT before finally hitting the big time in Formula One. He first joined fellow Australian Paul Stoddart’s Mindardi team where he scored championship points at his maiden race. He later moved on to Jaguar for two years, before moving to Williams for another two years and finally joining Red Bull Racing in 2005.

With a car that looks perfectly balanced, a driver with a fiery determination and the championship just a few races to the end, Mark Webber is certainly someone you’d want to keep your eye on.

You’ve been with the Red Bull Racing team for a few years now, how would you describe the team’s progression through the years?
Red Bull Racing has evolved since it began at the end of 2004 and also since I have joined the team in 2007. The team’s improved year on year and is still learning, but it’s progression from the middle of the grid to the front has been quite prominent. I’m privileged to be a part of the team which has the best car in the paddock.

How do you feel about your achievements this season?
I am happy with what I have achieved so far this year. There have been some ups and downs however it has definitely been my best season so far in my career. It does help that I have good car and supportive team, which enables me to really push in every race and win the amount of races I have! I’ve won the most races so far this season.

What result are you hoping for at the Singapore Grand Prix?
To be on the podium holding the winners trophy.

Off the track, how do you prepare for a race?
It’s important to keep up my fitness regime during the season when I’m away from the track and I have a daily routine regarding what food I eat and the activities I do. I also practice for the forthcoming races using the team’s simulator, which helps me to prepare.

If you were still involved in racing, but couldn’t actually drive the car, what would you do?
I already co-run a GP3 team with Christian Horner, which is my first dabble into race team management – although I’m not sure I would want to take it as far as Formula One. I would like to have my own motorcycle race team!

What do you enjoy doing most when you’re not racing?
I really enjoy relaxing at home in England, going for walks with the dogs, going cycling, doing normal day to day stuff.

Tell us more about the Mark Webber Challenge – is it hard keeping that going with your race schedule?
It’s actually not running at present, but it’s something that we may bring back in the future. It used to take place off season, after all the races were finished, so it was possible to fit it into the schedule okay.

Tell us about Will Powers, how did you become involved with him?
I met Will when he came to Europe to race but had run out of money to continue in British F3 Championship. I helped him out with some useful contacts and made some introductions for him, and then contributed towards his budget to race in World Series by Renault. It was hard for him to find money to progress in Formula 3000 so he decided to try and make the States work for him. I’m really pleased it’s paid off and he’s having a great season.

Describe yourself in five words.
Determined, dedicated, fast, down to earth, Aussiegrit!

Now describe your teammate in five words.
My main rival for title!