Miles Slater – glamourous, cool, and sexy at all times

By Kevin HoEvents - 10 September 2013 12:53 PM | Updated 11 September 2013

Miles Slater – glamourous, cool, and sexy at all times

No greasy ripped clothing and messy champagne showers for this refined gentleman, Miles Slater is all about giving you a "luxe" time.

Fronting the turntables of the classiest parties from London to Dubai to Hong Kong, Slater’s vibes are as sophisticated as his dressing and his diverse sounds, delicately selected to entertain the finest of VIP audiences.

But don’t let his polished elegance brush you the wrong way, Slater is an honest and fun-loving artiste dedicated to his craft, so much that he embarked on a deejaying career at the young age of 15.

On the weekend of 20 to 22 September, he will be spinning at The Podium Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore's poolside, as part of the F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix festivities.

inSing catches up with him about the mystery surrounding his name, his love for Asia, and how you’ll never catch him performing in t-shirt and jeans.

The fancy Miles Slater is always dressed for the occasion


We’re guessing that you were named after jazz artiste Miles Davis. How do you think your parents came up with the name?  

My father was a huge jazz music aficionado and his absolute favourite artist was Miles Davis. He has everyone of his albums, even on cassette! So it was quite natural for my parents to choose that name for their first son.

My dad was very musically knowledgeable and he used to play to jazz and classical records nonstop, while in between, my mum would play old Motown records by artistes such as Diana Ross and Al Green. Being a child of the 1980s though, I was playing Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ repeatedly till the grooves wore out.

Speaking of your time growing up, you began DJ-ing at the young age of 15. What pushed you into such a hobby?

It was a natural thing for me to start collecting records like my father did. As a kid, I used my pocket money to buy records instead of sweets, toys or computer games. At the age of 15, I got my first set of decks as a “well done in your exams” gift from my parents and it all snowballed from there. I was winning local DJ competitions at age 16, broadcasting on pirate radio across London at age 18, and had my first 12” record released at age 21.

Though you grew up in London, you eventually based yourself far away from home in Hong Kong. What inspired the move?

I had a friend from the radio station that had a great gig in Dubai at one of the luxury hotels there and he introduced me to some of his contacts, and through them an opportunity came up in Hong Kong. I decided to treat it as a working holiday for a few months, but in the end I loved it so much I ended up living there eight years.

Having been based there since 2005, what can you tell us about the Hong Kong clubbing scene? Does it differ from elsewhere in the world?

The Hong Kong club scene is quite intense. With numerous venues open all night in such a small area, it becomes incredibly competitive, so as a DJ you really have to be on your toes the whole time and never let your standards slip.

Musically the scene is very focused on what is happening both underground and overground in London, New York City, LA and Ibiza, which is great because I’m not limited to playing one style of music. I can bounce around from house to R&B hip-hop to dance to '80s and '90s classics in one set and the crowd will go for it.

Do you find yourself travelling around the region a lot? Any particular favourite destinations?

Well, I was in Singapore earlier this year to play at the Singapore Yacht Show. I was spinning an Ibiza-style lounge and beach set on a floating dock hosted by Boujis and JAX Coco Water. There were plenty of drinks flowing in the sunshine and I got to meet a lot of the Singapore scene faces over the weekend so it was a great introduction to the city.

I also like Bali a lot for its awesome creative energy, and Boracay for relaxation on the beach.

DJ Miles Slater loves to relax and chill like everyone else

You’re known distinctly for your "luxe" touch in music, catering sounds for the more sophisticated clientele. Would you describe this sound more specifically?

I believe in a certain aesthetic to my music. It has to be glamourous, cool, and above all, sexy at all times. This translates very well into "luxe" venues and soirees such as Boujis, so it’ has become a niche that people really know me for.

It helps that I also love to dress well. Most DJs turn up in t-shirt and jeans, but I’ll be there in a velvet tux jacket, crisply-pressed shirt, polished shoes, silk tie, etc. I like to make an impression through my image as well as my music.

You’re featuring as part of the acts for the upcoming F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix in September. Would you regard yourself as an F1 fan? 

I love the high-tech nature of the sport and the constant striving for perfection, both in engineering and lap times. To experience it first-hand will be amazing. I’m neutral when it comes to teams and drivers, it’s all about the race-weekend experience for me.

Miles Slater | Date: 22 September 2013 | Time: 10pm till late | Venue: The Podium Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, poolside, 7 Raffles Avenue | Tickets: Standard entry - $138, $168 (at the door). Entry with a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne - $258, $288 (at the door). Entry with  a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne - $458, $488 (at the door). Tickets from