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Body, Soul & Pole: Miss Pole Dance SEA 2012

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 13 April 2012 12:00 AM | Updated 24 April 2012

Body, Soul & Pole: Miss Pole Dance SEA 2012

Don't miss some frisky high flying antics at the Miss Pole Dance South East Asia competition on 28 April at Avalon.

Once relegated to the confines of seedy bars with even seedier men, the art of poledancing has over the years emerged as a real sport.

So much so that every year, many lithe and nimble ladies (and men) compete to show off their fantastic form on the pole, pulling off moves such as the 'crab', 'carousel' and even the 'ballerina'.

If you’re one who appreciates the art of pole dancing, or want to expose yourself to change your impression of pole dancing, the Southeast Asian pole-dancing event will be taking place 28 April, 7.30pm at Avalon Singapore.

Catch finalists Vivienne Tan, Naoko Enomoto, Stephanie Javellana, Melody Rose, Ana Marie Garbo and others duke it out to be the region's top chick on sticks.

The Finalists:

Naoko Enomoto

Naoko Enomoto picked up ballet before she taking up pole dancing in mid 2009. She has won the pole dancing competitions in Malaysia and Singapore in 2009 and 2010 respectively. This cat-lover is usually found stalking the furry felines during her off-days where she teaches the highest levels in Bobbi's Pole Studio.



Trained in capoiera, gymnastics and dance, the Tokyo-based Russian dance instructor Nika started poledancing nine years ago when she moved to Japan. In 2009, she was crowned Pole Art champion at the International Pole Championships in Tokyo.


Ana Marie Garbo

Ana Marie Garbo was the winner of the FHM competition for Poledancer of 2008, International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2008, GMA7 TV - TALENT competition and 2010 Champion of Philippines Pole Stars. Not only can she work the pole, the talented lady is also skilled in fire-dancing and theater acting.


Vivienne Tan

Aspiring Geisha, Vivienne Tan, is a dance-extraordinaire in imparting jazz, ballet and contemporary dance during the day, and working the pole by night. This talented dancer is also a dance instructor at Bobbi's Pole Studio! If you've been under her wing before, you'd know what a talented individual Tan is.


Jane Kor

Pole dancing was a 'love at first sight' sport for Jane Kor who instantly decided to pick up the sport. Claiming that pole dancing gives her a form of freedom in both the physical and emotional aspects. She has since started coaching at Bobbi's Pole Studio (Malaysia) and finds the most connection with ballads.


Melody Rose

Melody Rose picked up pole dancing in 2006 where she took lessons at Bobbi's Pole Studio (Sydney). Since then, Rose has won herself multiple awards as well, being the champion at Hong Kong International Pole Dance Competition 2009 and the Hottest New Talent NSW 2009. She has also started teaching pole dancing since 2010.


Stephanie Javellana

With a background in ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading, tennis and pole-vault, Stephanie Javellana started poledancing in 2010 and began teaching it in 2012 where she becomes the newest addition to Bobbi's Pole Studio teaching crew. She also has her fair share of awards as she was a two-time winner of Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore’s Amateur Night August & December 2011. Not forgetting, Javellana will be starring in a film ‘The Bouncer’ as a pole dancer, so look out for her.

Get your tickets to the pole dancing face-off at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Singapore or SAFRA Online at $32, $38 (early bird), $42, $48 (regular) and $50 (door).