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Moshi moshi, would you like some Japanese flicks?

By Wang DexianEvents - 29 June 2011 4:28 PM | Updated 07 July 2011

Moshi moshi, would you like some Japanese flicks?

The Japanese Film Festival returns in 2011 to the National Museum of Singapore with a brand new slate of uniquely Japanese films. Happening from July 2 to July 19, the festival’s focus and highlights include a tribute to Takamine Hideko, the former child star turned mega star that passed away last year and a very rare screening of Kore-da Hirokazu’s The Days After. To help you out, we’ve chosen three noteworthy films you should watch out for if you plan to attend the festival!

Sketches of Kaitan City

Sato Yasushi was an author of high regard, even being noted as a peer to the great Haruki Murakami. However, he led a very tough life and this story was not completed due to his unfortunate circumstances. Thus, the city of Hakodate, Hokkaido banded together to chip in towards the production of this film, based on the unfinished work of the author.

Kumakiri Kazyoshi directs this mosaic of a film about a band of different individuals facing personal trauma during a particular winter in Kaitan City. A series of financial, familial and personal problems serve to illustrate the common sentiments of loss and regret and the process of healing that often accompanies them.

The director will also be in attendance at the festival and two of his earlier films, Antenna and Green Mind Metal Bats will also be screened.

Mother Water

A multi character study, Mother Water is set in the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. Featuring simple stories of ordinary people set around and connected by a single object; the water of Kyoto, Mother Water foregoes conventional storytelling for a tasteful and romantic look at the city of Kyoto. Through the eyes of three women; an owner of a whiskey only bar, a tofu maker and a coffee shop owner… we see how a group of people discover themselves through their relationships with both other people and the city as well.


The past always catches up with people, especially in the medium of film. An orphan, Mika has grown up and started the search for her estranged mother. When she finds her mother, Naoko living happily with her new husband and daughter… she watches them and makes a decision. Is this a revenge flick or a happy reunion in the making? Watch and find out…

Japanese Film Festival 2011 is from Jul 2-19 at Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore. Tickets $12 from