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Movie Review: GUNS N’ ROSES

By Travis WongMovies - 14 June 2012 4:16 PM | Updated 5:43 PM

Movie Review: GUNS N’ ROSES

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Rating: 2 stars out of 5

THE STARS: Lei Jia-yin, Huang Bo, Guo Tao

THE STORY: During the Japanese occupation of China, a petty thief collaborates with a group of revolutionaries to rob a bank.

THE BUZZ: Directed by Chinese director Ning Hao, better known for his runaway hit ‘Crazy Stone’. says: Don’t be fooled by the title. This film has nothing to do with the American rock band. Rather, it’s a Chinese mash-up of heist and war movie tropes, and not really succeeding with either. There’s comedy, action and romance, but little that’s really intriguing, and this long awaited return by blockbuster director Ning Hao just crashes on its face.

The movie follows a pickpocket who becomes embroiled in a plot to steal Japanese gold from a bank in Manchuria. Invariably inviting comparison with the far superior ‘Let The Bullets Fly’, ‘Guns N’ Roses’ fails to match up, lacking the wit and intelligence of that film.



Supporting characters are underdeveloped and their demise brings little poignancy. Though there are a few decently staged set pieces throughout the film, they feel lackadaisical and unoriginal. The main heist, which should be the centrepiece, is almost an afterthought.

The costuming is also pretty awful, with the gang of criminals looking like they’re last place contestants at a cosplay contest. And basic facts like the weight and property of gold seem misconceived. Ning Hao might want to do more research next time he makes a film.