SingTel DataRoam Taiwan: Food and nature beckon

By Andre FroisEvents - 16 December 2013 12:00 AM | Updated 26 December 2013

SingTel DataRoam Taiwan: Food and nature beckon

So you thought Singapore was a rich food capital? Take a plunge into Taichung’s burgeoning culinary landscape and get into the deep end of Taiwan’s imaginative subculture – one that boldly strives to create new dishes from traditional techniques and recipes.

A popular peanut dessert crepe (Photo credit: Jenny Chai)

Those who are adventurous may want to try Taiwanese ice-cream and peanuts in a French crepe. Foodies will also be kept happy in Taichung’s many restaurants and street stalls, used to serving a fearless and gastronomically inquisitive populace.

Fried ice-cream (Photo credit: Jenny Chai)

While most people would cringe at the thought of cakes made from duck blood, the rest of the dishes served up by Taichung’s night markets effortlessly whet the appetite of any passerby. But if Taiwan’s innovative cuisine is too audacious for you to stomach, pack some fast food and navigate the countryside with SingTel DataRoam Saver Plan that offers unlimited usage.

A short drive west takes one to the scenic international trading port of Lugang, where a drink while enjoying the sea breeze of this quaint town is an essential part of the Taiwan experience. A photographer’s (or Instagramer’s) haven, rustic Lugang takes one on a breathtaking journey through time.

An hour’s drive east is Taroko Gorge, near marble artwork-obsessed Hualien. It is a must to visit this natural wonder. Rent a car to take you there or book a day tour from Taichung. Similarly, day trips to the monolithic Chung Tai Chan Monastery and the nearby mesmerising Sun Moon Lake can be easily arranged through travel agents or one’s hotel in Taichung.

Sun Moon Lake (Photo credit: Justin Hwang from Wikimedia Commons)

During your tour around Taiwan, instead of buying family and friends trivial souvenirs, why not keep them in your thoughts by sending them photos? 

Update them on your beautiful journeys through messages and pictures, which you can send or upload at minimal cost using the SingTel DataRoam Saver Plan. It is easily set up by downloading the My SingTel app from the App Store or GooglePlay. To activate, choose "Roaming", then select a plan. Alternatively, just dial *100# while overseas.