Nelly Furtado jumps through ‘Big Hoops’ in Singapore

By Zaki JufriEvents - 15 August 2012 2:47 PM | Updated 16 August 2012

Nelly Furtado jumps through ‘Big Hoops’ in Singapore

The Grammy-award winning singer surprised reporters when she expressed her desire to work with a Big Bang's TOP on 'Big Hoops'. Photo: Zaki Jufri

In 2000, we discovered that Nelly Furtado was ‘like a bird’ and in six years later, we discovered that she’s actually a ‘maneater’ before disappearing for one hot minute (or maybe six years).

The Canadian songstress is back with a fifth studio album, ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ which she promises to be akin to a ‘spiritual awakening’. The album is scheduled to be released in September, which she will promote in Europe and in North America and possibly supported by a 2013 world tour. ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ is Furtado’s first English language release in six years.

“The album is incredibly positive, and super energetic. The last few years, my life has been really positive and that brought a spiritual energy to the album,” beams Nelly in a press conference.

‘It’s very eclectic; there’s pop, rock, hip hop, dance, reggae and world music all in one album so it’s a super-pop experience,” she adds. The singer was in town to promote her new record and to perform in a special exclusive performance for SingTel AMPed customers.

When asked about her favourite songs from the new album, Furtado reveals, “’The Spirit Indestructible’ is one of my favourites. Another one will be ‘High Life’ which is about the difference between looking at success as a destination versus looking at success as a journey.”

Always passionate about her craft, Furtado adds, “I’ve learnt over the past few years that real success is about having balance in your life –making time for family, friends and yourself. ‘High Life’ may be a pop track with a fun hip hop beat but it has a deep message.”

During the one-hour showcase at Hard Rock Hotel’s The Coliseum on 14 August, Furtado did a repertoire of old and new songs like ‘Maneater’, ‘Big Hoops’, ‘Turn off The Lights’, The Spirit Indestructible’ and ‘Say It Right’. Home-grown rapper Kevin Lester from SIXX went on stage for a surprise performance with Furtado during ‘Give It To Me’. had the pleasure of talking to Nelly about her new album, her musical influences and even K-POP.

Check out the video for our interview with Nelly Furtado.