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New ‘After Earth’ featurette arrives

By Zaki JufriMovies - 04 June 2013 4:34 PM | Updated 12:01 PM

New ‘After Earth’ featurette arrives

When the movie gods released the trailers months ago, we were excited at what we saw and we even listed it as one of our “edgy sci-fi movies to watch in 2013” and one of our 15 Summer flicks we just can’t wait to see.

If you’re the type that’s attuned to the interwebs, then you might have noticed the backlash that ‘After Earth’ has gained since it’s released in the US last week.

But being sci-fi fans ourselves, we will reserve judgment and let you decide for yourselves if this M Night Shyamalan-directed, Will Smith-starred-and-produced US$130-million project is a bomb or not.

‘After Earth’ takes place 1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind’s new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai (Jaden Smith).

When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai’s craft, they crash-land on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon. His whole life, Kitai has wanted nothing more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.

In the recently released featurette below, Will and Jaden Smith talk about their experiences acting in the movie and Smith Sr. tells us how the film is an allegory to parenting while much-maligned director M. Night Syamalan provides a very interesting glimpse into the making of the sci-fi adventure.

‘After Earth’ opens 6 June 2013