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New 'escape game' franchise ‘Freeing SG’ opens in Singapore

By Kevin HoEvents - 27 September 2013 3:03 PM | Updated 30 September 2013

New 'escape game' franchise ‘Freeing SG’ opens in Singapore

You have done paintball and field archery and want to find something new to do for your next gathering with friends or colleagues. Try paying a visit to 'Freeing SG'.

It is a "reality room" escape-game concept that provides an innovative 5D entertainment experience.

Freeing SG's first outlet in Singapore opened at Bugis+ on 25 Sep


Based on the popular ‘Escape Room’ video games and web-based browser games, 'Freeing SG' brings the virtual experience to real life by immersing players in a real-life room to solve puzzles first-hand.

In Hong Kong, Freeing HK is already drawing working adults who want to relieve stress from their daily lives.

John Teng, general manager of ‘Freeing SG’, told inSing: “Not only do we wish to break the screen boundary, but we’re also taking it to the next level by adding engineering and technological features, and also by having players work in a team with an actual feel for the environment and storyline.”

Players will be split into teams of four to eight, depending on the "puzzle room" of their choice, and they have to escape from the room within a given time.

The freshly launched establishment located on the seventh floor of Bugis+ (opposite Bugis Junction) now features four individually themed rooms, with plans to have a total of 10 rooms by the end of October.

Rooms include ‘The Unforeseeable Pyramid’, a mystery adventure within the tomb of a pharaoh, ‘Silent Blood’, which is a vampire horror scenario in an eerie castle, and ‘The Painter’s Murder’, a detective-like investigation with a homicidal culprit at large.

Can you escape from Dracula's castle in before time runs out?

All themed rooms have their own unique gameplay and puzzles, and players will be tested at every one of the 10 challenges, each lasting for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Every player will have just one shot to escape each room. This is to ensure that all secrets and puzzle solutions remain hidden from public, and to prevent revisiting players from having too easy an experience.


The games are recommended for those aged 12 and above, and children aged six to 11 should be accompanied by adults.

Teng said that ‘Freeing SG’ will function similar to a movie theatre, undergoing constant revamps and changes when market demand for specific rooms runs dry, adding significantly to its replay value.

In comparison to the Japanese ‘Real Escape Game’ model which has had several successful runs in Singapore, Teng distinguished ‘Freeing SG’ as being less of a roving entity like the Japanese version, and more as a permanent amusement centre that’s “here to stay”.

Freeing SG | Date: Mon-Sun | Time: 11am–1am (last game starts at midnight) | Venue: Level 7, Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street | Tickets: $20 onwards per person.