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Night Out at the Voyage Night Festival!

By Ninart LuiEvents - 05 August 2011 5:09 PM | Updated 12 August 2011

Night Out at the Voyage Night Festival!

Sleep can wait, the National Museum’s annual night festival is back again!

Spread over 2 weekends this time, the Voyage Night Festival wants to take you on a voyage spanning the histories of our forefathers from Asia and Europe whose maritime adventures made us the cultural melting pot we are today.  

Rich on culture and legacy, festival promises to make  the NHB museums come to life after dark during this period, allowing fellow voyagers to go behind the scenes to revisit the histories that gave birth to Singapore as we know it. But really, it’s also just an awesome way to enjoy the refreshing outdoors at night!


Here for two nights only, Theatre Tol’s Corazon de Agneles in Paradise is a must-see. Combining music, dance, film, acrobatics, live performance and pyrotechnics, audiences are guaranteed a terrific performance they won’t forget!

If you’re interested in the storyline, it’s actually about a cultural wedding with the groom and bride from different cultures. Guardian angels get in on the act to watch over the proceedings and with them good tidings.


If you’d like to explore more of what the festival has to offer, check out Night Lights, which is a nine-evening outdoor showcase of breathtaking light installations all over the Bras Brasah cultural precinct comprising of the Art Museum, the School of the Arts, the National Museum and the Singapore Management University.

Highlights to look out for include the interactive Lyrical Perspective, The Fish Tree and Parking Mad. The tour is quite spread out, so remember to put on comfortable shoes!


Highly intriguing performance The Shape of a Dream tries to recreate the magic of pilgrimages and stories of adventure of the past. Explorers, emperors, pirates, sailors, prisoners and island natives, mermaids and monsters all add to the otherworldly experience.


There’s lots more to whet your appetite, too! Check out our comprehensive events calendar for a full list everything that’s going on at the Voyage Night Festival. Best part? It’s all free! So chuck those pyjamas and head out to celebrate the night!

Voyage Night Festival goes on from Aug 26-27 and Sept 2-3, at various locations. Admission is free.