What to Do in Singapore

NightOut! Settle the Kettle, To Kill a Mockingbird

Events - 01 March 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

NightOut! Settle the Kettle, To Kill a Mockingbird

Here's a selection of editor's picks on what to do after hours in Singapore this week.


Monday, 1 March



Celebrate the Arts House’s sixth anniversary in style with the local arts community, bringing together the best of dance, film, literary arts, music, theatre and the visual arts.

Until March 21, at the Arts House. Free admission.


First Take

First Take is a regular platform for new and first-time filmmakers to show their work and share ideas with other filmmakers and audiences. This programme was inspired by discussions with local filmmakers and Moving Images supporters and provides a vital and vitalizing forum for new and first-time local filmmakers.

Monday only, at the Substation. Entry by donation.


Tuesday, 23 February


Tuesday only, at tcc Raffles Xchange. Free.


To Kill a Mockingbird

This literary classic gets a brutal reinvention in the hands of Goh Boon Teck, with his unconventional adaptation featuring a strong multi-racial cast of veterans and actors from the realms of both television and theatre. Aggressively modern and assertively trendy, audiences will be treated to a visual pastiche inspired by the coexistence of good and evil, and the simplicity of light and dark.

Until March 14, at the National Library Drama Center. Tickets from $35 to $55.


Cairo! Cairo!

Belly dancing enthusiasts, don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch belly dancing superstar Dina’s Asia premiere in Singapore. Expect an authentic Cairo experience with Dina performing to live music by her own band flown in especially for the event.

Tuesday only, at the Victoria Theatre. Tickets from $65 to $125.


Wednesday, 3 March


Unplugged Sessions featuring VOX

Touted as the first Pop/Rock string quartet in Singapore, VOX comprises of four talented and classically trained individuals who revel in giving a fresh spin on traditional tunes.

Wednesday only, at Yusof Ishak House. Free.

From Rhapsody to Capriccio

Settle in for a night of erhu versatility as SCO young musician Neo Yong Soon performs a diverse repertoire of outstanding works by renowned masters through the ages, including Liu Wen Jin’s classic Dream of Rulai Buddha, George Gao’s Erhu Capriccio No.2 – Mongolian Fantasy, . Liu Tian Hua’s At Ease and Wang Jian Min’s Erhu Rhapsody No. 2.

Wednesday only, at the Esplanade. Tickets from $21 to $31.


Thursday, 24 March



Model Citizens

Unravel the complicated plot which focuses on the lives of three women who become somehow connected to one man who stabs a Member of Parliament.

Until March 14, at the Substation. Tickets at $27.





Settle the Kettle

Settle the Kettle is 53A’s labour of love, marking the band’s first LP featuring originals written by the members. Until recently, the band had been doing mostly cover samplings of popular songs. Come by to hang out with 53A in a friendly atmosphere for some quality music, new songs, and celebrate a new chapter in their musical history.

Thursday only, at the Esplanade. Tickets at $25.


Friday, 5 March



Ollie and the Slurge

Ollie is bullied at school, his father is bullied at work, and his father’s boss is bullied at home. One day, the boss orders Ollie’s father to dump some unwanted waste into the sea and this creates terrifying consequences with the creation of the monstrous Slurge. They devour and destroy the city and it is up to Ollie and his new-found best friend to save the day.

Until March 19, at the Alliance Francaise. Tickets at $18.


Ringside by Mem Morrison Company

Come dressed to attend your best friend’s wedding at this site-specific performance which explores issues surrounding identity, sexuality, memory, culture, self-censorship and one-time childhood fantasies and how easily they become a reality.

Until March 6, at the National Museum. Tickets at $30.