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'November' is National Youth Film Awards 2015's Best Picture

By Florey DMMovies - 04 August 2015 10:15 AM | Updated 10:15 AM

'November' is National Youth Film Awards 2015's Best Picture

3 Aug – "November" is the big winner of *SCAPE's inaugural National Youth Film Awards, walking away with three awards in total.

Directed by Shane Lim, the coming-of-age film won Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Screenplay at the award ceremony held yesterday at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, Level 2.

The film, which is co-written by Lim himself with Angelica Ho, tells the story of a young couple dealing with herpes when the boyfriend is tested positive for it. The film is based on Lim's personal experience when he had a herpes scare, which turned out to be a false alarm, at the age of 19.

The young director's achievement for "November" also includes winning Best Script at the 6th Singapore Short Film Awards and being nominated for Best Short Film at the 31st Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

The winners of the National Youth Film Awards were presented with trophies, cash prizes up to SGD2000 and mentorship opportunities with industry players.

Below is the full winners list as presented on *SCAPE's official Facebook page:

Best Picture: "November"
Best Direction Award: Shane Lim – "November"
Best Cinematography Award: Choo Han Pin – "Osmosis of Dad & the Love for Bubble T"
Best Screenplay Award: Shane Lim, Angelica Ho – "November"
Best Performance: Amber Lin – "Chasing Tomorrow"
Best Editing: Maria Tan – "Vengeance is Mine"

Best Original Music: Thomas Liew – "Osmosis of Dad & the Love for Bubble T"
Best Visual Effects: Chin Li Zhi and Yang Si Shuo – "Little Maud"
Best Production Design: Ian Kong – "Graduation"
Best Sound Mixing: Edwin Choy Ming Jie – "Di Sana"
Best Sound Editing: Muhammad Faisal Bin Jumali – "Di Sana"

Best Documentary Film: Iza Zainuddin and Navin Kumar – "Journey of a Kavadi Bearer"
Best Animated Film: Andre Quek Xiang Lin, Abdul Hadi B Abdul Wahab and Vivien Tan Liqing – "Princess"

Best Overall School:
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore