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Of Whee… and Vomit at the Universal Studios

By Adeline FooEvents - 18 August 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 12 December 2014

Of Whee… and Vomit at the Universal Studios

Bet you’ve heard that Singapore has recently been overrun by the animals from Madagascar and Kungfu Panda. No? Well, you should hurry down to Universal Studios at Resorts World to catch them! It was the National Day weekend. Mum decided to bring me to see some live action on the little island of Sentosa. While my grandparents visited the casino to try their luck, I tagged along with Mum and lost my male dignity on the Enchanted Airways. What’s that?  A roller coaster ride, duh.

It was my first time at a theme park. And my first on a roller coaster. The sign read, “Junior Roller Coaster”. I honestly thought it looked pretty tame. The roller coaster was designed in the shape of a dragon painted in pretty orange. But imagine my horror when it turned into a monster, taking us on a terrifying ride as it climbed and lurched, spewing fury as it took us three storeys high above the ground! I freaked out completely!  I was sooooo scared, not a squeak came out of my mouth. But grown-ups were screaming their lungs out! I could see little children fearlessly yelling, “LOOK, NO HANDS!” When the ride ended, all the adults were green in the face. Yup, me too. But the kids? They were begging, “PLEAAAAASEEEE, ONE MORE TIME!” That’s it. I’m a classified wimp. Why? Because I threw up.

Mum was really concerned. She asked if I wanted to go home. What! We had spent hours waiting to get into the place, and a bomb on the tickets! I told her I would brave it out. Wiping vomit from my mouth, I plodded on bravely.

Next up, we queued to get into the Shrek 4-D Adventure where a show awaited us. Boy, it was just one rung lower on the fear factor. We were placed on seats that rocked and tilted sideways. When Shrek went out to rescue Fiona, his ogre bride, we were left to fend off crawling spiders under our seats, and got splattered in the face with donkey spittle. Although everything is 3D, if you’re the sort who’s afraid to catch germs from the air, skip this. Yes, seriously.

We spent the entire day queuing in the hot sun on an average of 45 minutes each time to enter an attraction. There are a total of ‘six worlds’ comprising The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-FiCity, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar and Far Far Away to see. My final verdict for best performance? The live action shows in Hollywood! A real scene stealer! I enjoyed the Monster show at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre. Punk music, hard rock and lots of freakish monsters prancing about in a musical. Yeah!

I thought Ancient Egypt was cool too. I loved the Treasure Hunters’ ride, where we got to drive our desert jeep through an abandoned excavation site. Creepy…

Waterworld at The Lost World was also awesome! Imagine watching stuntmen execute fearsome feats and catch real live drama with giant fireballs exploding in front of your eyes! Incredible acts of movie magic hosted by Steven Spielberg, the maker of Jurassic Park. There were thousands of excited people milling about at Universal Studios that day. Everyone had this ridiculous grin on their face. Oh, for the joy of reliving your movie dream and thrill-seeking appetite, slap it on! But hey, when the Battlestar Galactica, the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster, opens, bet you won’t see me anywhere near it. I think I’ve exhausted enough roller coaster fun in one lifetime. I would surely be back to meet Fiona the ogre, and maybe pinch her on the bum. But that’s for another adventure.

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For ticketing and admission guidelines, please check https://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Attractions/UniversalStudiosSingapore/Tickets

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