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Old made new again

By Deborah GiamMovies - 29 November 2010 11:00 AM | Updated 11:52 AM

Old made new again

Some of the best movies are irreplaceable… others may have done a little better the second time around (King Kong, anyone?) But there’s no denying that remakes sometimes can bring back great memories.

Here are some of the classics that have been given a new lease (or a new interpretation) of life, so check them out for yourself!

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Highly anticipated, with many many fans a-waiting, Tron Legacy is set to blaze onto the screens in December. We don’t need to say much more, just watch the trailer for yourself.

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The Green Hornet
The buzz (pun fully intended) about this movie has been building up for quite some time, especially in the wake of other comic book remakes like Iron Man. Starring several big names including Cameron Diaz, Edward Furlong, Nicolas Cage and Seth Rogan as the Green Hornet himself. You’ll also want to keep a look out for Jay Chou, as the Green Hornet’s side-kick Kato.

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Gnomeo and Juliet
One of the most famous interpretations of the star-crossed lovers has to be Baz Lurhman’s 1996 Romeo + Juliet. Here’s a fresh new look on the classic Shakespearen work as two families battle it out while a boy and a girl fall in love. The twist? This animated feature is all about garden gnomes!

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