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Open House at the Biennale!

By EditorEvents - 08 March 2011 2:09 PM | Updated 16 March 2011

Open House at the Biennale!

30 countries, 60 artists – it is getting bigger and better. The third Singapore Biennale titled “Open House” will be open to the public from 13 March to 15 May 2011. The theme showcases part of our culture where we open up our homes during festive periods like Hari Raya, Deepavali and Chinese New Year, inviting guests in as a gesture of hospitality. This time round, that’s precisely what the artists at the Biennale will aim to recreate, drawing their inspiration from iconic Singaporean landmarks like HDB flats, shopping centres, night markets and even airports. It’s definitely uniquely Singapore and it’s something you won’t want to miss.


CAN'T MISS:The Merlion Hotel

Wanted to check out the view of Marina Bay Sands from the Merlion? Now you can! The Merlion Hotel is just one of the many key commissioned pieces of the Biennale. This one-of-a-kind installation piece will see our favourite landmark being transformed into a luxurious hotel suite by acclaimed Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi. The “suite” will be opened in the day for public viewing and in the evening for overnight stays.  

Members of the public can book a one-night stay from 4 April to 5 May for two adults at the special rate of $150 nett. However, we regret to inform all bookings were snapped up within an hour of the launch!

Check out our up-close-and-personal photo gallery of the Merlion Hotel!



Other highlights:

Official Opening Open House Party (12-13 March) – Old Kallang Airport

Head over to the Old Kallang Airport for a whiff of nostalgia and to celebrate the opening of the third Singapore Biennale with the artists and curators. Enjoy the event at this unique location with Guest of Honour, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Mr Lui Tuck Yew. An Open House Party will also be held on the 12th where the Old Kallang Airport will be open to members of the public for the fist time in five decades, with performances by artists such as The Observatory, Vanessa Fernandez and Shirlyn Tan. DJ Has and DJ KFC will also be present to entertain the crowd from 8.30 pm onwards.


Devo partire. Domani  (I must go. Tomorrow) – Old Kallang Airport

Ming Wong is famous for his video works which refashion classic cinema from around the world to explore the shifting nature of identity and belonging. With films as diverse as those by Malay director P Ramlee, German auteur Fassbinder, Hong Kong's Wong Kar-Wai, Wong uses actors of varied ethnic backgrounds, including himself, to play the parts. Race and gender become performances, and language becomes a process of translation and repetition, highlighting the assumptions and misunderstandings, as well as the fluid potential for connection between cultures. Devo Partire. Domani, co-commissioned by SB2011, transforms Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1968 film Teorema by setting the film in contemporary Naples with Wong playing each of the male and female roles.


The Merlion hotel © Tatzu Nishi


Devo partire. Domani  (I must go. Tomorrow) © Ming Wong

Flooded McDonalds – National Museum of Singapore

Love your fast food? Check out Superflex (Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen) ‘s film as they engage people in issues surrounding globalisation, often by realising their multi-media projects in the real world through social intervention. For their recent film Flooded McDonalds (2008), Superflex painstakingly created a life-sized replica of a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant, eerily voided of customers or workers that slowly fills with water. Find out what happens when electricity short-circuits as the waters become murkier!


Free guided tours information, available from Mar 19:

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The Singapore Biennale is on from 13 March to 15 May 2011, at the Singapore Art Museum, Old Kallang Airport, Merlion Park, and the National Museum. For ticketing, bus schedules, and more information on the events and tours, go to