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Orchard Road invaded by the undead in Shaw Theatres IMAX Race

By Sadat OsmanMovies - 11 September 2012 7:04 PM | Updated 4:58 PM

Orchard Road invaded by the undead in Shaw Theatres IMAX Race

Orchard road was invaded by zombies created in the labs of the ‘Umbrella Corporation’ from the Resident Evil movie series and, some 200 runners (survivors) were set to test their chivalry against them.

Their main aim was to conquer the 1.7km route while being attacked by 50 zombie-actors who will pose as obstacles. Survivors were given ‘Life tags’ which were the targets for the zombies scattered along the streets. Missing tags will mean ‘death’ to the survivors. And the prize, items worth a total of $7,000 including cash, Sony electronic products and spa vouchers. Shaw Theatres organized the race in line with the release of ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ which is the fifth installment of the series.

Participants showed up in sports gear at the starting point in the open area outside the Concorde hotel. In batches of 10, survivors began their survival all the way to the foyer at Shaw House.

Shoppers, and racers alike, were treated by cosplayers dressed up as the Resident Evil characters from the movie and the video game. Alice, Ada Wong, Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy were all there to make the experience a unique one especially for fans of the title. These guys put on a show at several pit stops along the route – taking on the zombies. Fans were also given the opportunity to take photographs with the cast as they watched the survivors dodge the ‘undead’.

The zombie race concluded with a prize presentation ceremony at the 5th floor of the Shaw building (Lido theatre). The ultimate survivor of the inaugural zombie race was Mr Ang Chee Yong, a teacher, received the top prize of $1,500 cash, a Sony camera and a $500 spa voucher. Two runners-up were also awarded with similar prizes but in smaller amounts. The top 50 survivors walked away with movie passes to watch ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ in IMAX 3D on the movie’s opening day.

'RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION' is in SHAW THEATRES IMAX 3D. It will open in theatres on 13 September.