Parisian pop-up picnic Dîner en Blanc comes to Singapore

By Zaki JufriEvents - 26 July 2012 3:06 PM | Updated 10:36 AM

Parisian pop-up picnic Dîner en Blanc comes to Singapore

Diner en Blanc gives new meaning to the term BYO. Photo: Gonzalo Fuentes / Aymeric Pasquier

You've heard of flash mobs. But what about an atas flash mob picnic?

Dîner en Blanc, the Paris-imported global dining phenomenon that is one part flash mob, one part pop-up dinner party and two parts je ne sais quoi, makes its Singapore debut on 30 August.

This event is based on a Parisian party of the same name which began in 1988 as a reunion of 100 friends that has since grown to more than 10,000 and happens in a dozen cities throughout Europe and North America.

This soiree lets culinary and culture enthusiasts enjoy an extraordinary night in a beautiful public space, the location of which is only revealed at the very last minute, and all diners MUST wear white (hence the “Blanc”).

This Singapore event is being spearheaded by Charted Marketer Clemen Chiang and the founder of CozyCot Nicole Yee, both of whom have been appointed the host representatives for Dîner en Blanc Singapore as well as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

A thousand people is expected to participate in this uppity pop-up feast, at an as-yet undisclosed location. There is an air of exclusivity to the event: the only way to attend is to score an invite from a friend or to know someone, who knows someone – you get the idea. Another way is to get yourself on the online waiting list(there are already 7,000 on the list) and keep your fingers crossed.

If you made it on the list and don’t know what to pack in your picnic basket or just don't want the hassle, don’t fret. You can choose to order from a pre-planned set menu and choose a maximum of two types of red/white wine or champagne on the Diner en Blanc website two weeks prior to the event.

Did we mention the strict rules? If you flout any of them, you risk of being blacklisted forever. Now we don’t want that any of that right?

Diner en Blanc Rules

  • You must dress in white (tres chic of course: no t-shirts, shorts, sneakers).
  • You must bring your own folding white table (71 cm by 81 cm and covered with a white tablecloth) and chairs, also white
  • You must pack your own picnic basket, packed with ‘quality' foods (So shop at Hediard, Jones The Grocer, Dean & DeLuca and other fine food stores; or just click here for 5 best stores for picnic supplies)
  • You must bring non-disposable plates, glasses, utensils. Food must be eaten off fine china, with proper stemware and flatware used (ppstt.. Sia Huat is having a warehouse sale from 26-29 July)
  • You must be accompanied by a date.
  • You must remain until the end of the evening.
  • You must clean up all traces of dinner (bring your own garbage bag).
  • Beer and spirits are prohibited. Only wine and champagne are allowed.
  • Attendance is mandatory.

Dîner en Blanc Singapore 2012 is on 30 August. Log in to to register yourself on the waiting list.