Things to Do with your Kids

Part 5

By Loo Pei FenEvents - 17 July 2009 12:00 AM | Updated 09 June 2010

Part 5

Tired of going to the same old malls or indoor playgrounds with the kids? We tell you what you can do and where you can go whether you have one hour or one whole day!

I Only Have... 1 HOUR:

Fire Station Open House
Cost: Free

Walk-ins for groups of 10 or less do not need prior booking

Did you know all fire stations in Singapore offer open house every Saturday from 9am to 11am? With the exception of the one on Jurong Island, visitors will experience a one-hour programme with briefings and demonstrations. The basics like roles and functions of a fire station, as well as its capabilities and routine will be covered. Moving on to the more exciting parts, your kids will view a demonstration on equipment used by fire-fighters. The crowd favourite of the sliding pole presentation is also one of the programme's highlights. Just walk into any fire station on Saturday mornings! Best enjoyed by kids aged 3 years and up.

I Only Have... 3 HOURS

The Imperial Ice Stars: Cinderella on Ice
1 Esplanade Drive, Esplanade Theatre
When: 28 August to 6 September 2009
Cost: $70, $85, $100 and $120

Visit to purchase tickets

Spend an enchanting time with this beloved Disney character and her entourage. But expect a novel twist on this classic tale as Cinderella takes on the form of a humble chorus dancer who captivates the most eligible bachelor with her graceful performance. This sophisticated production comes complete with lavish sets, opulent costumes and stunning special effects like rain, flying and even fire. Don't worry if the boys cringe at this princess-themed production: The skilful and theatrical skating feats will win them over in a second. Best enjoyed by kids aged 4 years and up.

I Have... 5 HOURS:

Makansutra Food Safari Tour
Cost: Starts from $160 per person

A pricier activity, this Food Safari Tour is conducted by a food host and a guide. Lasting  approximately four hours, you can choose from five types of tours. The NSEW tour is one of the more popular ones since it's the heaviest tour with an extensive range of street food all across the island. If your kids are the nocturnal type, take them on the Midnight Tour: Eating starts at midnight and you won't have to fight traffic or crowds. Best enjoyed by kids aged 7 years and up.

I Have... The Whole Day:

Survivor Experience
Pulau Ubin
When: 8am to 7pm
Cost:  $99

Email [email protected] to book

Urban kids may be in for a shock- but they'll recover in time for the experience of a lifetime. Fashioned after the Survivor reality show, kids will learn basic survival skills like starting a fire, cooking over a campfire and building a shelter. Trekking is also part of the programme to get them acquainted with the flora and fauna on the island. Oh, and don't worry folks. Lunch will be provided so they won't be foraging for wild boars in Pulau Ubin! Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring your own water bottle and you're good to go! Best enjoyed by kids aged 10 years and up.