Things to Do with your Kids

Part 6

By Leanne PattiselanoEvents - 08 December 2009 4:27 AM | Updated 09 June 2010

Part 6

Every week we will be giving you 10 Things To Do with your kids in Singapore until we reach the magical 100, by which time you will definitely be spoilt for choice!  

Part 6: With busy schedules, it’s sometimes difficult to find the time for each other. Make full use of your evenings and weekends together with simple activities that maximise family interaction.


51.  Re-discover no-tech fun with a weekly game night.

Just once a week, do away with computer games and the television. Instead, pull our no-tech board games or card games that are just as absorbing. You can even revive old games like five stone or chatek and share your childhood expertise with your kids!

52. Visit the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

The largest and oldest collection of its kind, this museum is a taxidermist’s dream. A shoo-in to win points with the kids, they’ll love eyeballing the preserved animal specimens that are a little creepy but a lot cool!


 53.  Hike to the top of Bukit Timah Hill.

Take in the cool, fresh air on the tallest hill in Singapore where all manner of flora and fauna abound. Head to the National Parks website for downloadable hiking routes or choose the walking trail that best suits your family. If you fancy wandering off the beaten track, be sure to stop by the Visitor Centre to get orientated first.

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54.  Go shopping at Mustafa at 2am.

Every once in a while, kids should be allowed to break the rules and stay up late. Very late. Open 24 hours, Mustafa Centre is a colossal shopping centre that sells everything under the sun. Much better than trying to beat the crowds during the day, it’s also the novelty of shopping at an unearthly hour that might appeal to kids as much as the grown-ups. Certainly not something you can do on a school night, this is best reserved for the weekends or the holidays.


55. Cook or bake together.

Kids appreciate every opportunity to help out and love it more when they get the chance to get their hands dirty.Younger children can participate too by helping to pour or mix the ingredients. A good learning experience for the kids plus you get a yummy treat after (if all goes well), so what if your kitchen is a mess?

56.  Ride a pony at Gallop Stable.

Gallop Stable is a large public riding school that offers lessons and even handler-led pony rides for kids and adults. Toddlers from 2 years and get an opportunity to ride on a miniature horse. For a small fee, you can buy pony feed and feed the horses yourselves!

57. Go on a Cookie Tour at the Khong Guan Biscuit Factory.

Watch how homegrown biscuit brand, Khong Guan makes its local favourites like Fancy Gems and Peanut Cream. After a walk-through like this, the free sample you get at the end of the tour will not suffice!



58. Trace your family tree.

Finding out all about our ancestors and relatives can be a fascinating experience. Why not make the journey through old photographs from aunts, uncles, grandparents and more? There are also free programs on the Internet you can download for drawing your family tree and then let the younger children decorate it with all their colourful crayons.  


59.  Celebrate Duan Wu Jie (dumpling festival) with a dragon boat race and home-made bazhangs (rice dumplings).

Teams from around the world compete in the Singapore World Invitational Dragon Boat Races – an exciting, noisy and colourful affair. If you prefer the peace and quiet, try your hand at wrapping your own rice dumplings at home with the family. Not sure how to get started? Head to a local Community Centre for classes organized specially for that.

60.  Watch a soccer match at a local stadium.

Finally, something the dads can really get into! Watching a live S League match sure beats catching it on TV plus it’s a wonderful opportunity to ignite passion for the sport in the hearts of the little ones.

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