Things to Do with your Kids

Part 9

By Leanne PattiselanoEvents - 29 December 2009 6:53 AM | Updated 09 June 2010

Part 9

Every week we will be giving you 10 Things To Do with your kids in Singapore until we reach the magical 100, by which time you will definitely be spoilt for choice! 

Part 9: The family that plays together stays together! Playtime with the family can be educational, creative as well as a barrel of laughs. Here are more suggestions for things to do to make playtime more meaningful for everyone

    81.  Build a sandcastle like the ones on Castle Beach.

    Be inspired by the amazing sand structures built under the Castle Beach program which matches volunteer teams with children from under-privileged background, high-risk families or are physically challenged. Build your own sandcastle and foster cooperation as well as creativity as a family.

      Tel: 6346 2252, Website:

82.  Paint your own pots and glassware at Creative Escape.

A free-and-easy venture where you and your kids can practice a little freedom of creative expression. Pick up some tools and start creating a masterpiece together. They could make great gifts for the relatives!    

Tel: 67324262, Website:

83.  Make a splash at Wild Wild Wet.


As far as theme parks go, this one is by far the wettest and the wildest! Slip and slide your way down giant flume rides and slides or splash about in the wave pool. For the toddlers, there’s the Yippee! play area with soft play equipment that’ll keep your little ones well-occupied.

Tel: 6581 9112 or 6581 9128, Website:


84.  Have a birthday party at The Pit.

What better birthday gift than to give your brood the chance to get dirty – real dirty? Set up like an army-style assault course, The Pit is suitable for all ages to have a rollicking good time in the mud. Your child’s next birthday party will certainly not be the pits!

Tel: 6468 9851, Website:



85.  Learn to skate.

Skating is a great way to relax and have fun together while also getting some exercise. Learning to skate is easy especially under the guidance of a pro. Save yourselves from more bumps and bruises than necessary with Skateline where you can learn at your own pace!




 86.  Get gardening tips from HortPark and plant your own mini vegetable or spice garden.

This is a useful family project that everyone can get involved in. Kids get to nurture a plant from its seedling beginnings and truly enjoy the fruit of their labour, literally! Creating your own little family garden doesn’t necessarily require a big piece of land. You can start small with little pots of herbs which will be just as rewarding and come in real handy in the kitchen!

Tel: 6471 560, 1Website:


87.  Learn all you ever wanted to know about robots at the Robotics Learning Centre.

Ever wondered what made robots tick? Head to the Robotics Learning Centre to learn the history of robotics and learn to build your very own robots over the June holidays!

Tel: 64252 500, Website:




88.  Go on a farmstay vacation in Lim Chu Kang.

Get away from city life and head to the tranquil D’Kranji Farm Resort for a relaxing, luxurious getaway. See how things like corn, rice and even marine life are farmed and bread. Complete with a spa, seafood restaurant you certainly won’t have to rough it out at this resort.

Tel: 6898 9228, Website:





89.  Run amok at The Polliwogs.

As though the indoor area featuring balls, barrels, slides and cotton ball guns and more weren’t enough to make a child giddy with glee, the outdoor play area has a giant inflatable pirate ship! Need we say more?

Tel: 6442 2805, Website:


90.  Get cultured at the National Museum of Singapore.

The recently refurbished museum is set to redefine the museum-going experience by employing innovative and cutting-edge technology. Singapore’s history comes alive and her story retold to captivating effect. With so many festivals and events keeping the museum abuzz with activity, you’ll keep going back for more!

Tel: 6332 3659/ 6332 5642, Website: