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Party with the DJs at the Worldwide Festival

By Ninart LuiEvents - 25 August 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 14 September 2010

Party with the DJs at the Worldwide Festival

We’re excited, and we have good reason to be! This weekend marks the return of the massively popular Worldwide Festival, after two successful years of playing to entranced partygoers at local music institution Zouk. Based on the simple but winning recipe of uniting good music with a party environment in exotic locales worldwide, the festival is the successful offspring of Gilles Peterson’s ‘Worldwide’ radio show broadcasts in 20 countries.


If there is one man you shouldn’t miss at the Festival, it’s crazy-talented Dorian Concept, who’s already renowned for stirring up some of the wildest crowds at beat parties all around Europe. Seamlessly combining funk, jazz, hip hop and electronica to create a gloriously addictive pastige that shouldn’t work but somehow does, he’ll ensure you’ll be dancing all night long. Not convinced? Here’s a teaser:

DJ Dâm-Funk also makes an appearance, and man the guy is hot, hot hot. He’s done the unthinkable by bringing the genre of boogie back to life! His signature sound is also influenced by Chicago house, experimental electronic music and, strangely enough, 90s gangsta rap.

Watch out also for Maddslinky (Dave Jones) who hails from Manchester and has witnessed the evolution of the UK garage scene from its darker roots to a rapidly more soulful future. Best known abroad for his collaborations with superstars Miss Dynamite and Amy Winehouse.

Ryota Nozaki is living proof that Asia can also produce excellent music-makers, because he also has us eating out of his hands. Best known for his free-style music project Jazztronik, Nozaki has also remixed tunes for artists including Bird, M-Flo, Modaji, London Elektricity (A.K.A.Izit) and Yukihiro Fukutomi. 

Listen to Nozaki below:

And we’ve left the fairest for the last, of course. Ikonika (Sara Abdel Hamid), one of the rare roses among the thorns in the DJ world, has held her own at the Festival ever since she burst into the scene with her sensational debut. Her signature sound is a flawless mix of house, serious drum, R&B, flirtations with electro and peppered exquisitely with carefully programmed bleeps.

Other artists already confirmed include  Dam Funk, Jazztronik, Dorian Concept, dOP, Zed Bias aka Maddslinky, Ikonika, Lefto , Gilles Peterson, Jeremy Boon, Andrew Chow, djB, Tony Tay, Hong, Eclipse, Ghetto, Syndicate, Kaye, Funk Bast*rd, KFC, Pushin' On, Daniel Koh, and Michaela Therese....

Psyched yet? Have a listen to Lefto’s exclusive preview mix here.

Worldwide Festival is on Friday and Saturday, August 27 and 28 only, at Zouk. Tickets at $30 per day or $50 for both days.