Patrizio Buanne: The Italian influence

By Deborah GiamMovies - 26 May 2010 3:00 PM | Updated 16 September 2010

Patrizio Buanne: The Italian influence

He’s been likened to the old school crooners like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Julio Iglesias but Patrizio Buanne is definitely holding his own. From the young age of four, when he was entertaining patrons at his parent’s restaurant, Patrizio has since been entertaining people all over the world.

Back in Singapore for the second time, Patrizio spent some time explaining why he takes so long in the shower, and his secret rock and roll ambitions.


You speak quite a number of different languages – which ones do you speak exactly?

Haha, I speak Italian, German, English, French, Spanish, Polish.


Any plans to release albums for those different languages?

Not anytime soon, but why not.


If you hadn’t become a singer, what you would you be doing right now?

I would have become an actor. I’ve done some little cameos here and there. But my love for singing was always stronger.


Do you want to try singing a different genre?

Why not? My idols are Elvis and Madonna, and I think if you have talent you should try everything! I ended up singing these songs because I guess for me it feels easy, and I feel easy about it. And there’s nothing cooler than being romantic and putting on a nice suit on-stage and singing with a full voice. For me, I’ve got the voice, so I do it and I sound credible. If you don’t have the voice you can’t do it.

But I’ve always wanted to be a rock and roll singer too – sing and play the guitar. I’ve never imagined myself doing rap though, because I’m just not a rapper. But yeah, why not, maybe one day I’ll make a rock and roll record.


Many people say that the acoustics in the bathroom are better – do you sing in the shower?

No, because when I’m in the shower, I’m busy washing myself – there’s a lot of thing to wash!


Italian men are known to be quite charming and suave, and a bit of a playboy. Do you think that’s true?

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t care what other Italians are like. I am myself. I’m definitely Italian, but I’ve never been that stereotype. Like people think Italians are very Mafioso, very Sopranos, and they’re all ‘ciao bella, how are you?’ But I’ve always been Patrizio, just myself.

But Italians have the temper and temperament. We’re not boring people, so when we flirt with a woman, it’s not because we want to go to bed with a woman, have sex with her or are horny, it’s because we’re friendly people. But the playboy exists all over the world – doesn’t matter if it’s Italy, America or Singapore. It’s a mentality, and I’ve never been a playboy because I find it funny. I attract a lot of women the pictures that have been taken and with my music. I love the ladies, but I’ve never been a playboy. It’s not interesting for me.


Tell us a bit more about your latest album, how is it different from your previous ones?

I wanted people to know me as Patrizio, the Italian. Not the stereotype that you mentioned before. I AM Italian, that’s one thing, but I wanted people to get to know more about me.  With this new album, I’ve added some Italian songs, and included songs that I always wanted to record like Fly Me to The Moon and Crazy. But I did them how I thought they’d be written for me. So these three different elements together can be explained in one word – Patrizio.  


This will be your second time to Singapore, so what do you think of us Singaporeans?

It’s my second concert, but it’s actually my fourth time in Singapore. I think Singaporeans are picky people, but in the sense that they don’t just follow any trend that the rest of the market follows. They’ve got sophisticated taste, and I’m proud of that because I happen to be one of the artists that Singaporeans like. The restaurants and shopping malls were playing my music and I didn’t know that I was so big there! All three of my albums are multi-gold or platinum, and that’s great because people don’t really buy albums anymore. So I’m very happy. Singaporeans have given me a lot of love, respect, understanding and support.


What should we expect from your concert this time around?

Nothing. Never expect anything, just be surprised. I want people to go, relax and kick off their shoes, enjoy the concert and go ‘oh my God!’ and get bruises on their fingers and hands from the clapping. And dance like crazy, because it’s not just a concert that you watch and go home. It’s an event and I want people to remember that. Because I’m going to make sure that everyone has a great time.


Let’s talk more about you – what are five words you would use to describe yourself?

Loyal. Honest. Passionate. Sincere. And spontaneous.


You’re used to listening to a lot of sounds and music, but what’s your most favourite sound in the world?

That’s a beautiful question. The most beautiful sound… the voice of my mother. I don’t know. I think if I hear my mother’s voice then I know she’s alright.


Patrizio Buanne is performing for one night only on June 3. For all the details, click here.