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'Pitch Perfect': Rebel Wilson steals the show

By Denise CheongMovies - 08 November 2012 12:01 PM | Updated 12:15 AM

'Pitch Perfect': Rebel Wilson steals the show

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Rating: 3 out of 5

Now, you must be thinking – this must be Glee on steroids and big Hollywood payouts. Well, it kind of is. The only difference is that 'Pitch Perfect'is way, way wittier and funnier, like someone finally ripped the Mickey Mouse ears off “organized nerd-singing”. The hilarious romp, directed by Jason Moore (making his feature film debut), is full of spoofs and gags that, for one is certainly not enough to turn Radiohead-type music snobs into aca-converts, but enough to earn a nod of approval by the credit roll.  

The story follows Barden University freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick, 'The Twilight Saga') – rarely seen without her chunky headphones and kohl-lined eyes – who is looking for a way out of school to pursue music production in Los Angeles (kids these days). She joins, grudgingly, the Barden Bellas to appease her father who promised a ticket out of college if she made the effort to “fit in”. The Bellas were banished to social Siberia when their rival a capella group, The Treblemakers, won every a capella competition possible in the country. There, Beca meets Aubrey (Anna Camp, 'The Help') – the anti-Beca – who is recruiting new minions to restore the pride and reputation of the all-girl group. The fun begins.

The a capella mixes and mash-ups were so fun to watch and listen. Those heavy into mainstream pop – or those who enjoy trolling YouTube for bad music covers – will surely get a kick out of it. Who would’ve thought ‘Titanium’, ‘500 Miles’ and ‘Bulletproof’ could sound so good together?  Who would’ve thought Nelly’s ‘Just A Dream’ shared the same chord progression as Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’?

If your music ambition’s got the better of you, at least watch it for Rebel Wilson ('Bridesmaids'). She plays self-named Fat Amy from Tasmania, who adds so much colour to the piece than all the other characters combined. The script, written by Kay Cannon, of '30 Rock' and 'New Girl', was brilliantly put together to avoid running into an aca-cheesy catastrophe that most other musical-type movies have.  If you’re looking to OD on mainstream pop over the week, or just some good comic relief, we highly recommend this.

‘Pitch Perfect’ opens in theatres 8 November 2012