Pixie Lott: Young, foolish and happy at 21

By Farhan Shafie & Zaki JufriEvents - 17 May 2012 6:06 PM | Updated 5:47 PM

Pixie Lott: Young, foolish and happy at 21

Photo / Zaki Jufri

Elegantly coiffed and stylishly dressed; Victoria Louisse Lott was a picture of maturity as she waltzed into the press conference room at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore.

But ask the English lass, better known as Pixie Lott, how she celebrated her recent 21st birthday and the singer reveals a bubbly disposition that betrays her young age.

“I had a really big party and I invited all of my friends, all of my family – I think I had about 300 people or more,” she gushes. “It was kind of like a ball so everyone was wearing long dresses and we had loads of drinks and a DJ and it was really fun.”

Pixie, who is in town for an exclusive autograph session (17 May) and private showcase at Zirca on 18 May, rose to prominence at the even more tender age of 18 with the single ‘Mama Do’ from her debut album ‘Turn It Up’, which shot straight to number one on the UK singles chart.

But despite her early success, she's not let fame get to her.

“I stay quite grounded because I still have my best friends from school. We see each other all the time and do normal things like go to restaurants, cinemas, ride the tube or whatever. And my family, they will always keep me grounded and down-to-earth. I feel like the way I’ve been brought up, I’ll always be that way and I won’t get too carried away.”

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Pixie’s latest record is entitled ‘Young Foolish Happy’ and the blonde bombshell admits that she does have a rather cheeky side.

“The last time I went on a holiday with my two best friends, we actually tattooed someone for the first time, which was quite foolish but turned out pretty great. I was quite the perfectionist, you see.”

cry baby
Pixie Lott (Photo / Zaki Jufri)

Mischief aside, the starlet does believe in the importance of that adage. 

“It’s a good motto for everyone to have because it’s so easy to forget, I mean at any age. Sometimes you just need to think that life’s too short and live for moments and I think that ‘Young, foolish, happy’ kind of says that. It’s easy to forget, even sometimes I forget when I have lots of work and stuff, but it’s good to remember.”

Pixie’s sophomore effort features a number of collaborations (namely with Stevie Wonder and John Legend) but it was her work with BIGBANG duo GD&TOP on the track ‘Dancing On My Own’ that left a lasting impression.

“The first time I heard of K-pop was when I went to Japan. I just thought it was really fresh in just the sound of the music and music videos where it was like very futuristic. I heard of BIGBANG and I thought they were really cool and when I met them, they were really nice guys. So I'd love to find out more about K-pop and meet more artistes and do more Asian collaborations.”

The sky’s the limit for this British beauty, and if there’s anything Pixie hopes, it’s that her fans will continue to identify with her music.

“I hope that people can relate to some of the songs. I hope that the up-tempo ones can make them happy and you can dance to them and have fun to them and feel good. But I also hope they can relate to some of the ballads as well if they've been through the same thing.”