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Plan your holidays with NATAS Holidays 2011!

By Ninart LuiEvents - 19 August 2011 9:00 AM | Updated 22 August 2011

Plan your holidays with NATAS Holidays 2011!

Living in Singapore, it’s inevitable some of us start yearning for greener pastures once in a while.

No, we’re not talking about migration, and since most of us are stuck in the rat race, we do look forward to that next hard-earned break to somewhere overseas.

Whether you seek a thrilling adventure, an exotic getaway, a romantic escapade or just fun for the whole family, NATAS Holidays 2011 is your best bet to nabbing that bargain package that won’t bust your wallet!

Take your pick from tours, cruises, cultures, shopping or culinary adventures – but do it fast since the best deals get snapped up before you can say “Holiday”. The more you arrange beforehand, the better chance you get of enjoying your holiday while being thoroughly stress-free!

On top of the thrilling deals on offer, your senses are guaranteed to be over stimulated with so many exciting performances on display. While the biggest draw (pun intended) is undoubtedly Drawing:Show (Korea), there is also Jiu Jitsu (Brazi), Traditional Dance performance (Indonesia), Heianzakura Music Performance (Japan) and The Black Angle Crew(Taiwan) for your viewing pleasure.

For more information on the performances, check out the stage programme.

Lastly, you’ll be glad to know that some of the big carrots being offered this year in the NATAS Holidays grand lucky draw include trips for 2 to highly-sought after destinations such as Los Angeles, Australia, Bali and more. All you’ll have to do is spend $500 at the fair to qualify! Now, wouldn’t it be nice?

NATAS Holidays 2011 is on from Aug 26-28, at the Singapore Expo. Admission fee is $4. For more information, visit

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