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'Planes: Fire & Rescue': A smooth ride

By Wang DexianMovies - 05 September 2014 12:48 PM | Updated 3:48 PM

'Planes: Fire & Rescue': A smooth ride

Planes: Fire & Rescue

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‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’ is the sequel to 2013’s ‘Planes’, which of course, is a spin-off of the ‘Cars’ animated films. 

‘Planes’ wasn't very well-received, so it was a little surprising to say the least, when a sequel was announced. 

Comedian Dane Cook (‘Good Luck Chuck’) returns to voice Dusty Crophopper, the now successful racing plane. 

Dusty’s gearbox becomes damaged due to over-revving and to make matters worse, that particular type of gearbox is out of production. 

Frustrated, Dusty flies off recklessly into the night, only to suffer engine trouble and crash into Propwash Junction's airport, causing a fire.

The fire is put out by airport firefighter Mayday and the rest of the residents, but the airport is closed due to insufficient firefighting personnel.

To help the airport, Dusty offers to undergo training to be certified as a firefighter with Mayday's old friend, Blade Ranger (voiced by Ed Harris). 

In many aspects, ‘Planes: Fire And Rescue’ is similar to its predecessor. It is done by DisneyToon Studios and the first movie was meant to go straight to DVD until executives were so impressed with the footage that they released it in cinemas.   

Still, even though it is not made by Pixar, the animation is of great quality and the children will surely be captivated by whatever is happening on the big screen.

There are no standout characters in this movie even though there are plenty of them around. What works is the light and easygoing sense of humour that mostly involves the characters throwing out pun-filled one-liners about automobiles and 1970s pop culture references.

While the first ‘Planes’ felt like an exact replica of ‘Cars’, right down to the marketability and toy-making aspect of it all, ‘Fire And Rescue’ feels drastically different. 

The plot gives you something to root for in Dusty’s adventures, and there is a sense of a heartfelt dedication of the movie to firefighters, making it more than the run-of-the-mill affair that the original ‘Planes’ was. 

Coupled with a good moral message and an old-school, feel-good vibe, these help to make the sequel a lot better than most people expected it to be. 

‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’ is now showing in cinemas

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