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Play in a team!

By Tracy PhillipsEvents - 02 June 2010 9:25 AM | Updated 09 June 2010

Play in a team!

I love the spirit of collaboration – the sparking of a grand idea, finding the destined co-conspirators then sharing the best of yourself while working towards a common goal.

When you think of the density of Singapore’s population and with every individual packing their own unique gifts, the possibilities of ingenuity are endless! So, I’m highlighting team efforts this week over the solo act or the big international guest DJ. Theme for the week? The whole is greater then the sum of its parts.

On Friday June 4, Hacienda celebrates its 4thAnniversary with their DJ heroes, Kaye (Cosa Nostra), Kenneth Francis, Raeburn (Jetcetera), Ramesh K (Meshtrax), Josh P and Anand. Individually their nights represent the best of Hacienda so for the anniversary they’ve condensed and combined efforts for maximum effect. Take in the new landscaping, improved sound system and make the most of the free flow from 8:30pm till 10pm.

Elsewhere, the famed global music campaign, Hennessy Artistry takes place at Powerhouse. Musical partnerships for the night include Summer Daniels and DJ Tempo of South California’s premier electronic band, Speaker Junkies. They’ll be performing alongside a-one-of-a-kind performance by Koflow and collaborators, DJ Rough, The Bamrah Brothers, Kevin Lester, Roshan and Beatboxer Dharni. DVJ GMIX and Powerhouse’s resident DJ B.I.G complete the experience. Follow  twitter.com/hyartistrySG for info on how to get invites to this event.

Zirca’s monthly night dedicated to the collaboration between local jocks and Zirca resident DJs is Face Off. This Friday June 4, Shawn Livewire takes on the challenge. Hailing from the States but now based here, Shawn’s aim is to get the crowd dancing to something they might not even listen to.

My last Friday listing doesn’t involve much collaboration but it involves a hot male underwear model so whatever, I’m listing it for the ladies. Footballer-turned-fashion icon, Hidetoshi Nakata is the special guest for the Calvin Klein X Underwear party. Get your heart rate up without the exercise when international models their strut in the latest Calvin Klein X Underwear at 9pm. The party takes place at a raw warehouse turned party mecca at 37 Keppel Road, Blk 1 Level 5, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, so start hustling for invites.


On Saturday, the new Scape Building, Cineleisure, Heeren and Somerset unite to usher in the long awaited June school holidays. Check out the inaugural flea market by aspiring entrepreneurial youth selling a wide variety of wares. And Camp Pong is a stone’s throw away when you feel like a drink or a friendly game of ping pong after.

At night, revel with Syndicate, a crew that truly embodies the spirit of collaboration and pooling talents at their monthly outing at Home Club. Experimental hip hop, future bass, glitch techno and IDM take centre-stage with a lineup that includes a debut by DJ NOBODY from Los Angele's infamous Low End Theory night, home of GaslampKiller, Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing etc. Representing Syndicate are Max Lane, Kiat, Darren Dubwise, on visuals, Brandon Tay and Cherry Chan and host, Kane MC. Be sure to arrive early to get your hands on a limited run of exclusive OBEY NOBODY stickers.

On the same night, Japanese contemporary artist Atsuhiro Ito, sound artist Zai Kuning and laptop rock pioneer The Analog Girl come together in an electrifying conversation at Supperclub. Manipulating musicality and digital technology, they will push the boundaries of live performance to a whole new level as part of the Singapore Arts Festival.

 Atsuhiro Ito

 Analog Girl

From the sonic arts to the streets, the nearby Victoria Hall hosts Sixx: A Street Revolution Jam Night where local and regional Hip Hop acts hold down the show in a single billing. Thaitanium (Thailand), Sixx/ Richard J/ Sleeq (Singapore), DJ Altimet (Malaysia) and Yacko (Indonesia) represent, and you can get tickets from SISTIC.

Finally on Saturday June 5, The FASHTASTIC FOUR – DJs Dave Does, Adrian Wee, Andrew T & Zushan, the DJs behind Fash Fridays, Butter Cookies, Full Frontal, Hot Mess and Poptart, come together for the first time at Butter Factory. Here’s a quick Q&A with Superhero, Marketing Manager and DJ for Butter Factory, Adrian Wee.


What took so long for all of you to get together to play?

It wasn't really that long. The Fash room and concept is only slightly more than a year old, during which, we (the residents) had to get comfy with the space, fix our mistakes, and get used to each other's body odour. 


Will you DJs be playing back to back, or does each DJ have a set play time?

We're likely to have fixed set time where we pair two DJs to play back to back. However we're saving the last hour for all four of us to go mental on the decks together!


Rumour has it all the DJs will be wearing spandex, care to comment?

The management felt that a super-team would not be complete without costume. So yes, there will be spandex or a material equivalent for the ones with less flattering physique.


What's the best thing about being a resident at Fash?

The parties at Fash are always a big highlight of my weekend. I adore the crowd, friends and the other residents, and am always looking forward to party with them.


On Tuesday June 8, celebrate Movida’s recent facelift with new band, Banda Morena fronted by original Movida singers, Laura Machuca and Veronica Barboza. Promising a festival-like atmosphere as well as a preview of upcoming multi-faceted theme nights, visit https://www.stjamespowerstation.com to find out how to win invites to this exclusive event.


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