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‘Police Story 2013': Jackie Chan rebooted

By Gu FenghuiMovies - 24 December 2013 12:00 AM

‘Police Story 2013': Jackie Chan rebooted

Rating: 4 / 5

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan announced earlier this year that ‘CZ12’ will be his last intensive action movie because he was getting old and getting tired of all the violence in action films. 

Keeping true to his word, the 59-year-old’s latest movie reveals a more grounded side of him, and fighting scenes that are more “grounded” as well. 

Viewers looking for nail-biting and heart-stopping stunts will be in for disappointment, though those who are curious to see Jackie Chan do something more than being a highly paid stuntman will be getting what they want.

While previous instalments of the ‘Police Story’ franchise focused more on the fight scenes, this latest one delves deeper into the inner conflict of the characters. 

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It also has no connection to the previous ‘Police Story” films as Chan plays Zhong Wen, a police officer based in China. His work ethic is that he believes every life – even the lives of criminals – is sacred and should be protected at all costs. 

The cost of his dedication to his work is the estranged relationship he has with his daughter played by Jing Tian.

The story gets going as Zhong investigates a kidnapping case, leading him to nightclub owner Wu Jiang (Liu Ye), who is his daughter’s boyfriend. 

Zhong, his daughter, and some patrons are later held hostage at the nightclub and a complex plot for revenge by Liu unveils.

The film intersperse between Zhong’s and Wu’s past as the cop struggles to find out why Wu is targeting him for revenge.

The movie reaches its climax in a mixed martial arts fight scene between Zhong and an underground boxer from the Philippines, as the cop fights to free the hostages. Action sequences show Zhong in close-up combat with the fighter with nothing but his bare fists.

Even without the gritty, hard-hitting action, the movie engages viewers throughout with riveting dialogues, a good storyline, a strong cast, and a topic that is close to everyone’s heart – family.

‘Police Story 2013’ is proof that the recipe for a good action movie goes beyond blood and violence.

'Police Story 2013' opens in cinemas 24 December 2013