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Pop My Culture Ep.1: Marvel vs DC showdown, John Cho's new pilot. Plus other news!

By inSing EditorMovies - 21 March 2014 4:59 PM

Pop My Culture Ep.1: Marvel vs DC showdown, John Cho's new pilot. Plus other news!

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Here are the top five headlines this week.


'Superman vs. Batman' vs. 'Captain America 3' in 2016

May 2016 will see a battle of comic book proportions. 

Marvel and DC are set on a cinematic crash course, with both houses intent on releasing blockbuster comic book movies on the same day.

Audiences will see 'Superman vs. Batman' and 'Captain America 3' fight for your box office dollar.

Marvel already had the May 6 date staked out for the yet unnamed movie in its on-going franchise when Warner Bros. announced that its own Superman vs. Batman flick would move from July 2015 onto Marvel's May day.

Although this is one fight we want to see, its clear that the winner will be movie buffs everywhere


Rooney Mara to play Tiger Lily in Peter Pan origin story

Rooney Mara has landed the role of Tiger Lily, a princess in a native tribe in Neverland, Variety reports.

'Pan', the movie, will narrate how the young orphaned Peter takes control of Neverland. 

Producers chose the 28-year-old Mara, who got her big break in "The Social Network," over contenders Adèle Exarchopoulos and Lupita Nyong'o. 

The actress will share the screen with a pre-adolescent Peter Pan in the Warner Bros feature, which will be directed by Joe Wright.


First Indian film museum to open in home of Bollywood 

Seven years in the making and costing nearly US$20 million, the first Indian film museum is set to open in the home of Bollywood, Mumbai, more than 100 years after the country's celebrated movie industry was born. 

The museum showcases original artefacts, recordings and memorabilia such as an original painted poster for the 1957 epic "Mother India". 

The idea is to celebrate not just Hindi-language Bollywood, but also the films made in the various regions and languages across India, a country that produces nearly 1,500 movies a year.


New Zealand court fines actor Chris Pine for drink-driving 

Following in the footsteps of Hollywood bad boys, ‘Star Trek’ star Chris Pine recently pleaded guilty in a New Zealand court to drink-driving and was fined and disqualified from driving for six months.

The actor was charged after a party to celebrate the end of filming of a movie in the small town near Christchurch.

After the hearing, Pine, who starred as Captain Kirk in the most recent Star Trek movie, signed autographs before being driven away.

How’s that for making an exit?


John Cho joins ABC comedy pilot

The Harold and Kumar star has landed a role in comedy "Selfie.

The show will star Scottish actress Karen Gillan in the role of Eliza Dooley, a self-obsessed young woman who has just gone through a humiliating and public breakup.

After appearing in a viral video, Eliza suddenly has more followers than she could have hoped for, but for all the wrong reasons. 

John Cho will play Eliza's coworker Henry, a successful marketing expert who takes on the challenge of restoring her public image.