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Power Hour: 10 things to do on your lunch break

By Jo TanEvents - 09 October 2012 9:00 AM | Updated 02 June 2014

Power Hour: 10 things to do on your lunch break

Tired of doing nothing during lunchtime except, well, lunching? Here are some activities taking under sixty minutes to help you saturate that precious hour with maximum excitement.



Enjoy having crowds at your feet

Worn out from sucking up to your boss all day? Have hordes suck up to you for a few glorious minutes instead: hordes of fish that is. Immerse your feet in fish-filled water at Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa to experience various species of specially selected European or Asian fish (choose from various species) sucking voraciously (and sometimes ticklishly) at your feet to exfoliate dead skin and give you a bit of a foot massage, leaving your feet smoother, less scarred and more akin to a baby's bottom.

Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa, Various branches with various opening hours. Various prices for different fish spa treatments. Visit www.kenko.com.sg for more information.


Save a life

Become a blood donor and help save someone's life in an emergency. It's a safe and painless procedure and provides a vital service for our emergency services here. To donate, simply head down to [email protected] (Health Sciences Authority, 11 Outram Rd.; [email protected] (#05-07 Woodlands Civic Centre, 900 South Woodlands Dr.) or [email protected] (#B1-05/06/07/08/09, 11 Orchard Rd.). Make sure you make an appointment online ([email protected]) and have a light snack before you go.


Have Someone Poke your Points

Part of Qi Mantra's menu is a range of half-hour happinesses, from massages on your back, feet, scalp and shoulders, to facials. Be warned though, depending on the treatment you choose, Qi Mantra is known for being remedial rather than relaxing, but look forward to true pleasure after  pain. Also, don't be shy to ask your masseur to go lighter!

Qi Mantra, various branches with various opening hours. Various prices for different treatments. Visit www.qimantra.com for more information.


Have your Hair Done

Several hairdressing franchises will help you do your do in a matter of ten minutes, and for just ten dollars. At tens of outlets all over the island, efficient professionals at the bright and clean QB House and EC House will cut your hair in a variety of styles as per your request, but frills-free, so don't ask for a wash, perm, rebonding, or dye job....just a haircut. Bear in mind that the stylists might go over ten minutes depending on the complexity of your request.

QB House/ EC House, various branches with various opening hours. $10. Visit www.qbhouse.com/sg/ and www.ec-house.com.sg for more information.


Be an F1 Racer

Next lunch hour, feed on speed instead in a Lambhorghini Gallardo or a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider that's yours to drive for 15 minutes, and along the F1 Street Circuit no less! Pick up your sweet, sweet ride either at the Singapore Flyer or Marina Bay Sands, both wonderfully close to the Central Business District.

Singapore Flyer/ Marina Bay Sands. 9am-10pm daily. From $265.40. Visit https://zumvee.com/product_detail.php?product=MTUz  for more information.


Flight Experience Singapore

Fly the Friendly Skies

Pop over to Paris or Rome during lunchtime in your own plane. At the Flight Experience Singapore, (the Singapore branch of the world-acclaimed flight simulator) sit in the life size model of a cockpit in a large airplane for 30 minutes (or more, depending on the package you purchase), operate the machinery with an instructor by your side, and experience flying over a fabulous foreign land: You can choose from over 1000 actual airport scenes, including Paris by dusk, with views from your desired desitnation projected with high-definition onto a 180-degree wrap-around curved screen that serve as the windows of your craft. Try to master the cockpit screens and instruments enough to admire the stunning sights around you, before executing a perfect landing in their midst.

By Online Booking. Flight Experience Singapore, Singapore Flyer. $175 for 30-minute package. www.flightexperience.com.sg, or call 1800-737-0800.


nail it

Nail It

Get your nails done in about 30 minutes or less with an express manicure at a number of nail shops in Singapore, like Pretty 360 at Singapore Shopping Centre. They cut out the fuss like hand massages to just give you shaped, styled, pretty painted nails that can serve as a happy distraction when you're back typing away at your keyboard after lunch, and for days after.

Pretty 360, #05-25 Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue. 11am-9pm. From $12. Call 6337-5360 for more information.


Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream

Okay, so the Singapore River is not quite Venice. But we have our own Singapura Sights to see for water-borne passengers on the 40-minute bumboat river cruises, like close-up views of the Merlion, the Esplanade, and various historic bridges. In fact, if you work around Boat Quay, Clarke Quay or Marina Bay, you'll probably catch a picturesque perspective of your office building amongst the shimmering cityscape, which might just make you happier to head back into it later.

Singapore River Cruise, Clarke Quay. Various times. $13.80. various departure times between 915am and 1030pm. Visit www.rivercruise.com.sg or call 6336-6111 for more information.


physical buse

Abuse Yourself

If you find yourself slowly melting into your ergonomic chair over the course of the workday, try a high-octane midday workout to get your blood pumping again. And a gym with a name like Physical Abuse promises to maximise the workout's wake-up value. Their 55-minute midday classes range from calmer yoga sessions, to sexy Latin Dance, Zumba and even Drums Alive, using drums, sticks, and rhythm to help you work up a real heart-pumping sweat. Then freshen up in their changing rooms in time to head back to the office wide awake.

Physical Abuse, 2 Havelock Road #01-28. Mon-Fri 7am-10pm. Sat, Sun & Public Hol 8am-8pm. Prices vary for different membership packages. https://www.physicalabuse.com.sg/ Or call 65365580.



Get some cuddles and kisses

Feeling unloved after an interminable morning with your nasty boss or clients? Nip over to this cafe for lunch where you'll be met with adoring eyes and toothy smiles, and even wagging tails...you might have guessed we're not referring to the service staff. Upon purchase of a drinks or food package, customers get unlimited playtime with the resident puppies, who frolic in a designated play area, so people who are not canine fans can just go for the Hong Kong style cuisine.

We're the Furballs (WTF), 45 East Coast Road. Sun-Thu 1230pm-930pm, Fri & Sat 1230-11pm. $6.50 for entry including standard drink. $7.50.Various prices for  different orders. https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-are-the-Furballs-WTF/177916948987287 or call 6348-6330. [email protected]



Jo Tan is a professional freelancer whose cv includes wedding singing and selling fish. She actually likes salads and tofu, and doesn't eat chicken because she had two as pets (their names were Bubbles and Joveranter Cat.) However, she is not a hippie because she is bad at yoga and like most of Singapore, expects to slave her whole life to pay for her new HDB flat.