Repping The Lion City: Kevin Lester

By Azim AzmanEvents - 18 December 2012 11:00 AM

Repping The Lion City: Kevin Lester

For fans of local music, to find out that Kevin Lester is one of the artists set to perform at Tiger Beer’s year end “Have You Been Good This Year" party would come as no surprise.

The rapper has basically spent a good part of 2012 performing at various cool parties both locally and internationally, so a Christmas party organised by Singapore’s very own home-grown brew featuring home-grown artistes is naturally a good fit for Singapore’s hottest rapper of the moment.

Lester will be performing alongside turntablist DJ KoFlow and DJ duo Fingerscroxxed (made up of Amanda Ling and DJ Nomsta) for the brew’s year end festive campaign on 22 December at the F1 Pit Building.

Ahead of his year-end gig this weekend, we were able to shoot the breeze with Kevin about the sambal belacan flavoured rap game.

Early Beginnings

In his previous life Lester was a marketing manager for an IT company —a far cry from the Kevin Lester of today. Even while working the spread sheets, Elle Magazine Singapore’s “Music Act of The Year 2011” was hustling his music part time at dingy clubs around town. 

It was here where he honed his craft and where the seeds for “Kevin Lester Full Time Musician” were sowed.  Part of the reason why he decided make the switch was because of us pesky press types.  “While working in marketing at the time, the momentum of my music seems to be taking a life of its own. I’d get press calling for little interviews during working hours…it wasn’t crazy at the time but it felt right wanting to talk about my music than do anything else,” he explained.

When asked if he has any regrets, his reply was emphatic “I don’t”. He added that “(he) has never worked harder in my life but I’ve never been happier as well”.

Repping The Lion City 24/7

When you listen to his songs (and you should) you get the sense that he is very proud of the “Made In Singapore” tag. He never fails to represent the country, even proclaiming himself to be “The Lion City Boy”. He felt that it was natural to represent Singapore. “It’s home; it’s that simple really. Singapore is like a mother to me… sometimes I don’t understand the things she says, where she’s coming from or the decisions she makes but I love her still. She gave birth to me. She made me who I am today and I’m proud of that link we have,” he said.

'Rockstar 2.0'

The track ‘Rockstar 2.0’ from his debut album ‘Let’s Talk About Kevin Lester’ was even picked by The Guardian as one of the top 35 songs from around the world in January 2011. He has spent the past two years performing all over the globe and basically hustling not only his music but also that of his band (SIXX) all over the world.

After two manic years, do not expect Lester to take it easy in 2013; in fact, he is going to shoot for bigger things. “2013 looks to be massive. It’s going to be my first professional push in to the US and Canadian market with the single dropping in January and the album scheduled for a March release,” he enthused

The album is called ‘Everything You Love You Hate’ and according to Lester it will be “a sonic departure” from his previous work.

“It’s a more honest Kevin Lester. I will also go back on the road in March. We’re firming up a few things but it looks like I’m on that plane again repping the Lion City,” he added.

Beyond 2012

Before that chapter begins, there is the little matter of closing 2012 with a bang that only the Singapore way. Kevin will be performing at the Tiger Beer party.  

When the idea for performing at Tiger Beer’s Christmas party was floated, there was absolutely no hesitation on Lester’s part.

“You guys need some music and I want to party. How can I miss a chance to celebrate Christmas early with everyone?” he said. Together with KoFlow, Lester will be bringing the house down in a medley of sick beats and made-in-Singapore rhymes. 

Will be there a surprise by SIXX at the party? He won’t say but he promises a night to remember. “I’ll be rocking the set with my boy DJ KoFlow so you know it’s going to be epic when they put us together.”

Trust us Mr. Lester, we are all looking forward to it.

Tiger Beer’s “Have You Been Good This Year” party | Date: 22 December | Time: 8pm-2am | Venue: F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard | Website: