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‘Resident Evil’: A retrospective

By Wang DexianMovies - 10 September 2012 1:51 PM | Updated 12:08 PM

‘Resident Evil’: A retrospective

The ‘Resident Evil’ film franchise marks its 10th year with a new installment, ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’. Loosely based on the Capcom survival horror game series of the same name, the first film hit the screens way back in 2002, and has quickly spawned a number of sequels in its wake. Join us as we take a simplified dummy’s look back at the Resident Evil films so far.


Resident Evil (2002)

The film caught a little bit of flak from video game fan boys that still persists to this day, as it introduced a new lead character, Alice, an amnesiac played by Milla Jovovich, separate from that in the video games. The film introduced the primary baddies of the films to follow, the Umbrella Corporation and its T-virus, a genetically constructed mutating virus. Alice and a group of Umbrella Corp. commandos are trapped in ‘The Hive’, a top-secret genetic research facility station that has killed everyone inside with its automated security systems due to a breach. When they disable the AI, the doors in The Hive open, releasing the zombified staff ...


Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

‘Apocalypse’ picks up 13 hours after the original RE film. After the T-virus outbreak, the Umbrella Corp. sends in a research team into the Hive, but fails and now has to establish a security perimeter around Raccoon City. Meanwhile, Alice wakes up and finds himself with superhuman strength, speed and agility after having recovered and been experimented on by Umbrella Corp. Umbrella dispatches their Nemesis program to kill the remaining Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) squad to sanitize the city with a nuclear weapon. It is up to Alice to stop it.

This movie is notable for the first appearance of fan favourite character, Jill Valentine, in the movies. She is played by Sienna Guillory.


Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Five years after the events of ‘Apocalypse’, the T-virus has managed to escape the quarantine zone of Raccoon City and travel worldwide. The environment is in a dire state, with much of the world turning into deserted wastelands. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and her convoy of Raccoon City survivors are scouring the country for supplies and a permanent shelter.

This installment also sees the introduction of Albert Wesker (played by Jason O’Mara), one of the game series’ primary antagonists and a frequent manipulator of events from behind the scenes.


Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

The film starts off with clones of Alice trying to kill Albert Wesker ... now played by Shawn Roberts. The real Alice is hiding on board Wesker’s aircraft. He escapes, but not before stripping Alice of her powers. He seemingly perishes in a crash. Six months later, Claire attacks Alice. It turns out that Claire is being controlled by a device planted by whom else, Umbrella Corp. Alice destroys it but realizes that Claire has lost her memory. The two of them run into a yet another group of survivors, including Claire’s brother, Chris Redfield, one more fan favourite character finally making his debut in the movies.

Much of the film is centered around Alice and Claire travelling to a rumoured safe haven in Alaska called Arcadia. They learn that Arcadia isn’t a fixed place, but actually a cargo tanker roaming the coast. Of course, that sounds ridiculously dodgy, and as Admiral Ackbar would say, “IT’S A TRAP!”

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