Robert Babicz – no such thing as privacy

By Kevin HoEvents - 01 July 2013 4:10 PM | Updated 03 July 2013

Robert Babicz – no such thing as privacy

Many electronic dance music DJs like to fortify themselves behind the comfort of their decks. Crowd interaction is kept to a minimum as they command the dance floors with ideas flowing and headphones on.

Still human behind the sound – Robert Babicz at work

Unlike live bands or YouTube artistes who actively engage their audiences, they usually remain shrouded in mystery.

Then there is Robert Babicz who, despite being a maestro behind the decks, claims he is no DJ. And he is clearly no mystery.

The Polish-born artiste – who will be deejaying on 6 July at a dance club on Singapore's Cecil Street – opens up the everyday and professional moments of his life to fans via social media channels.

Babicz takes the most pride in this, making him one of the more stand-out music producers around, with no less regard to his unique electronica sounds, of course.

It was no surprise then that the interview with inSing went breezily, as he talks about everything from his upcoming album to his signature hair.

First up, what is your mantra in life?

Never give up doing what you love.

You’ve been making music for more than 20 years now and have gone by some interesting stage names: Acid Warrior, Dicabor, and Sontec. Why the fascination with change? Does each moniker hold a specific significance dear to you?

Of course. As an artist, you have to learn and go forward. It’s very important to have a regular crisis and ask yourself, "What do I want?” From there, you need to do the next steps.

summer2013 babicz-mix ( free download ) by Robert Babicz

And now as Robert Babicz, you’re about to release your highly anticipated new album titled 'The Owl and The Butterfly'. What more can you tell us about this latest achievement?

It’s the third album of a trilogy, a long story, and of course, the soundtrack of my current life. My music is always a very personal mirror of what is going on inside me. I am proud and happy to finish this one.

Fans get to see many aspects of DJ Robert Babicz's life

We realise that unlike many artistes who simply post gig updates and new tracks on their social media websites, you’re heavily active on your Facebook page, posting everything from the streets of your travels to what you ate for breakfast. How important is fan interaction to you?

I don't see fans as fans. I just feel connected to the people around me, and through my music, I open myself up very much. And personally, I think it’s very boring if an artiste just posts advertisements of his great work. I prefer to show the human behind this.

You’re not just a music-maker. People also take delight in the unique videos you personally create on your YouTube page. Where does this inspiration to film come from?

The inspiration is simply my daily life, and the need to find a way to transform what is happening to me. As an artiste, you never stop working, every little moment is important, from the morning toilet to the great moments on the stage, and the main thing is meeting humans and exchanging energies, knowledge and happiness.

We were particularly engrossed in your short film 'Meeting the Ghosts of this Place'. Can you tell us what inspired that idea?

Every place has its own ghosts. You can feel them from one moment to the next. When I work on my videos, I don't really make a plan, I just do, and follow my intuition.

Clearly your talent knows no boundaries. Ever considered going into the film business?

Maybe one day I will try things out, if there will be a chance for me. Of course, there are no limits, why should there be limits ?

People refer to you not as a DJ, but as a live performer. What are your thoughts on this distinction? And does it personally affect the way you make music?

I’ve never been a DJ in my life! I’ve always been so full of ideas, and I’ve only played my own music, so playing live on stage and making records in the studio are very connected to each other.

Lastly, we can’t help but be drawn to your distinct hairstyle. Do you find much difficulty maintaining it?

Haha, no…. And that’s the cool part. I just wake up, and it’s perfect.

Forward feat Robert Babicz | Date: 6 Jul | Time: Late night | Venue: Kyo, 133 Cecil Street, Keck Seng Tower, #B1-02 | Tickets: $20 (inclusive of one drink)