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Rock on down to the river!

Events - 23 June 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

Rock on down to the river!

Not sure what you can do after hours? Here’s what you shouldn’t miss from June 25 to 27.



The Singapore River comes alive with music with KinestAsia which celebrates Asian musical talents during the Singapore River Festival. Covering everything from rock, Indie, jazz and even traditional music, all of it will be performed ‘live’ across three different stages at Empress Place. Make your way down to Timbre at the Arts House, the ACM Green outside the Asian Civilisation Museum and Earshot Café at the Arts House to enjoy the performances. There’s even late night admission (from 5pm to 1am) to the Asian Civilisation Museum during this period, and there’s plenty of other fun family activities such as henna painting and ice cream giveaways.

Find out more about the Singapore River Festival with our guide here.

June 25 – 26, 8pm onwards and July 2 – 3, 7pm onwards as part of the Singapore River Festival. Free admission.


ReadySet Glo 3rd Anniversary

Three years on, and ReasySet Glo is still running and going on strong! This icon of Indie disco/ electronica parties beloved by dance fans all round is set to return with an edgier persona this year. Don’t miss Major Lazer’s special debut for this party.

Saturday June 26 only, at Zouk.


Tribute to Michael Jackson concert

MJ impersonators are a dime a dozen, but how many can claim to have been presented the keys to the city by the Major of Gary Indiana (MJ’s hometown) for his work in keeping MJ’s legacy alive? Don’t miss Edward Moss, a veteran MJ impersonator who has allowed MJ to live on on celluloid.

Catch our interview with Edward Moss here!

Saturday June 26  only, at Zirca.


Partial Lunar Eclipse

Even though it’s always there, it’s seldom that we get a chance to gaze into the night sky. But here’s your chance to do so and catch the only partial lunar eclipse this year! The Omni Theatre at the Science Centre will be opening late to allow everyone a chance to see this eclipse for themselves and you might even be able to see the rings of Saturn! Of course, it’ll all depend on what the weather conditions are like but even if you don’t manage to see anything, there’s plenty of activities, talks, candy floss and balloons, plus a special talk by Timothy Hauffman, who was involved in building the International Space Station.

Saturday June 26 only, at the Omni Theatre. Free.


Sam Hui concert

Back for a second run this year, expect hits from this legendary Hong Kong superstar such as “半斤八两” (Ban Jin Ba Liang), “大丈夫” (Da Zhang Fu) and more, including his new song “难忘往日情” (Nan Wang Wang Ri Qing).

Saturday June 26 only, at the Singapore Expo. Tickets from $88 to $188.


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