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Rock on with experimental music

Events - 02 June 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

Rock on with experimental music

Catch three musical geniuses at play, and other activities happening after hours in the weekend of June 3-6.


Atsuhiro Ito ft. Zai Kuning & The Analog Girl

For one night only, fans of experimental music won’t want to miss this meeting of musical minds combined with stunning visual effects. Featuring Japanese contemporary artist Atsuhiro Ito (of the self-made Optron instrument fame), sound artist Zai Kuning and laptop rock pioneer The Analog Girl in an inspiring musical session to achieve a hypnotic soundscape accompanied by a surreal visual canvas.

Saturday June 5 only, at supperclub. Tickets at $25 (includes 2 drinks).


Platform Campus

In line with the Arts Festival’s new initiative to involve local educational institutions on a larger scale, Platform Campus aims to showcase the best of our local campus talents. Expect a sneak peek into what’s been going on behind the scenes, and potentially the next big thing(s) in the local art scene.

Thursday June 3 and Friday June 4 only, at Victoria Theatre.  Tickets from $8 to $12.


Just Kiki Kidding! II Play

They say laughter is the best medicine, so come and get your daily dose (and more) with funnyman Kiki Tay with his special brand of comedy and magic. Hot on the heels of the popular first Just Kiki Kidding! in 2008 and WAAH! Magic in 2009, Just Kiki Kidding! II promises to deliver more on the funnies, with Kiki trying to free himself from his infamous straight jacket, decipher the mystery of the ‘Masked Magician’ and create a visual feast of laser and mirror special effects. Also featuring Mediacorp’s ‘Miss Mole’ and the puppetry of Frankie Malachi.

From Thursday June 3 to Sunday June 6 only, at the DBS Arts Center. Tickets at $40.


The Coronas Concert

Move over Snow Patrol, you’re so 2009. Back for the second year in a row, The Coronas have seen a huge surge in popularity since they last graced our shores. With debut album Heroes or Ghosts achieving platinum status and their sophomore attempt Tony Was An Ex-Con winning Best Irish Album at the 10th Meteor Music Awards, these boys are definitely a legend in the making.

Saturday June 5 only, at Far East Square. Tickets at $60 (includes a drink).


Overnight Camp @ Philatelic Museum

Kids, this one’s especially for you. Grab the chance to explore the museum in the dark of the night, and enjoy fun activities such as an ‘amazing race’, treasure hunt, craft activity, stamp puzzle, movie time and more. Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bag, toiletries, change of clothes and a jacket. Meals are provided and everyone gets to take home his or her very own personalized stamp. Who says education can’t be fun.

From Sunday to Friday, June 6-11 only, at the Philatelic Museum. $70 per child.


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